And so really the Journey is just beginning ….

We all get to crossroads in our lives ….I wasn’t prepared to hit the crossroads when I did, but strangely I was pushed in one direction …I didn’t get a choice……

The day I suffered an acute neaurological episode it put me on a path I didn’t want to be on …. The realisation that my life wouldn’t ever be the way I had imagined or intended it to be …

I had run out of time ….that was hard ….

I’ve been trying to find the girl I recognise in this mad muddled up nightmare but she’s no longer there ……I lost my bearings …I got blown off course ….

But what I do know is that with darkness comes teachings …..and I know you can’t rush your healing …..

So I sit with my diagnosis of MS as my life unfolds and I think it sits ok ….I have faith that it will all work out …somehow ……

Come walk with me …Learn a bit about a path trodden with MS have a giggle as I write openly and honestly and shed a tear if I move you … Kirsten xxxx

#MS #faith #happy #crossroads #headspace #thinkingoutloud

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