Family life in the making ……its all about the car you know and it’s boot space !!!!


chris golf

 My darling husband’s car is A 1980’s black mark 2 golf …

Its low and noisy and  really fast and totally impractical as a family car …..

It doesn’t cope well with speed bumps and there is no space in the boot for my shopping or my rollator as it contains a boom box and my god does it boom…                       .

I thought we had left the years behind us when you size up a vehicle to fit a push chair in its boot…..but hey …we’ve hit our 40’s …life is for living !!! 

In our family car it was really essential that the kid’s car seats fitted across the back seat perfectly so the kids couldn’t reach each other!!

I really hated it when they started on each other … The bickering was an awful sound and one we chose to drown out with cheesy 80’s hits or the 90’s rave music!!!

Then there was our array of family bikes they were always stacked to sit perfectly on a rack so the wheels couldn’t scratch the precious paint work and our piece de resistance was socks on the peddles …lol!!!

 Now I’ll move on to talk about the ridiculous amount of camping gear including the heaviest and largest tent you’ve ever seen our family car was really under pressure !!! .We have on numerous occasions stacked it cleverly and very neatly only to risk life and limb as we popped the boot open once we had arrived at our destination!!

Our car was the one we believed would have the biggest boot ever and would cover every possible eventuality….

 It was always Chris’s job to pack the car boot so everything would fit, but it was always my job to gather everything together.

 I’m guessing looking back I was always held responsible if anything was forgotten!

 probably sounds familiar to you too!

So I’ll set the scene …. The car is on the driveway (clean I may add) There is a huge pile of stuff on the gravel next to the open boot.

I’ve been busy making sure I’ve got the instructions and a postcode for our final destination and any tickets that are needed have been safely placed inside the glove box…

I’ve opened and closed the glove box maybe 6 times now checking and checking again because Chris keeps asking me if I’m sure I’ve got them!!  

I have placed in the foot well of the passenger seat enough previsions to keep 2 kids happy and of course our carefully chosen selection of adult sweeties, (you know, the once you don’t want to share with the kids)!!

I’ve got a couple of the family’s favorite cd’s and also music that I’ve copied onto a cd so the kids can sing along.

Most of the songs have actions.

The actions are homemade and were especially developed to do in the car by me …

Toms favourite was Top gun “danger zone “

Air guitars, drums and an awesome flying stint would put smiles on all our faces The kids finding as much arm space as possible (without bringing the camping gear down on top of them) to be flying like jets…

Anyone passing us on the motorway would have thought we had kids in the car that were fighting to get out, a hostage situation unfolding as Chris bombed along at 80 to 100 miles an hour!!!  ….

I’ve got drinks, a sick bag and the kid’s favorite teddies.

Naomi is easy it’s just Tinky winky and her blankey…. she maybe 8, but she can’t possibly sleep without them especially if she’s away….

 But Tom well…. there is boo bar and his pink flamingo and his little pale brown doggy. He also has an impressive collection of dummies oh and his rag!!!

Right I’ve got everything I think!!!!!

 “Is everything here now love? “

This is said by Chris as he walks out of the front door crunching noisily over the gravel.

 I see him lean into the vast empty boot space… so guess what…. I don’t hear him properly!

“I’m going to load the boot “  is actually the sentence that I hear !!

Chris is now ready to start the grand packing ceremony and he needs time on his own to do this …I must not interfere …however hard I find this I must stay clear!!! ….

 I am now back inside head full of a list I am working through.

I’m walking around the house closing doors, bleaching the sink, emptying the bins and checking that the house looks nice and tidy …

I always wonder why I have this need to clean the house from top to bottom and leave it spotless for the burglars!!

Joking aside I know I do it so that when I get back I don’t have to start on the house hold chores.

You see I know without a shadow of doubt that I will have copious amounts of washing to get through.

At least if the house is tidy on returning from our little holiday I will be able to sit down and enjoy a well-deserved takeaway in a tidy lounge, and that’s after I’ve had the first soak in the sparkly clean bathtub and used the clean fluffy towels ….

my perfect welcome home treat !!!

 I’ve been known to literally walk backwards out of the house with a mop in hand shouting demands and commands at all three of them and I’m armed with the house keys ready to lock the front door….

It’s just what I do …..

We run like a well- oiled engine. The Hannibal family know how to pull together …

Our ability to get out of the house bang on time is one of our many family talents.

So whilst repeatedly asking the children to close their bedroom doors and go for their final wee, we are heading to the car …

The kids are all done and they are happily skipping out. They are chattering away in an excited tone and talking about what they are going to watch on the portable dvd players to pass the time away….

To be honest my kids are lovely. They love each other very much.

 There are 5 years between them. Naomi being the eldest is a real mother hen. She simply loves looking after her little brother and he loves the attention….

 So at this point I am arming myself with the extra bits and bobs for our camping trip (I’ve just told Chris as he heads off for his wee that I have packed everything and there isn’t anything more to go in)

And then in true “wifey style” as Naomi is strapping Tom into the back seat for me and sorting herself out I’ve clocked that Chris is returning to the car…. I do what I do best. You see I’m not being devious but there is always more isn’t there!!! ….

our kids in car

 I’m shoving the extra bits into the only space left on the back parcel shelf. I am then checking on the kids (yep they are all belted in properly) and then I’m hopping into the front seat trying not to tread on our travel picnic …. I am totally unware that I have managed to block my darling husbands only peep hole.

 I have blocked the only view he has given himself so he sees what is going on behind us when he starts his lane hopping on the motorways.

Needless to say this caused our first holiday argument.

 Usually it started like this ……

 Chris skids to a halt and stretches over the top of the kids without saying a word pulling the “stuff out of his peep hole. This would then shower the kids with that extra saucepan a pair of shoes and the scrabble tiles plus a bag of fruit I thought we’d take with us from the household’s fruit bowl to stop it going to waste.

 No doubt I’m painting a very familiar picture for most of you ….

I can giggle with amusement when I look back on those days now….

hmmmmm back to the Love of my husband’s life …his golf!!

 The golf makes my Chris smile from ear to ear and my son Tom loves it just as much. They ride around together with Tom’s music choice booming through the sound system (That precious boot space lol).

He even did “The Circuit “recently.

Let me explain as I’m sure every town has a cool place to drive your pride and joy.

He took Tom into Bournemouth and drove the Westover road one-way system.

 A place that back in the day and when we were dating was the place to be.

 It was full of teenagers who were cruising the circuit and if they were lucky kids they would be in what Chris is driving now …not what we ended up in!!!

After his scooter which he loved we went on to own his first car. It was a brown mini which sadly he wrote off the same day he passed his test.

 We used to sit in his brown mini which was stored in his sister’s garage months before he passed his test. …..He loved it.

I stretched my hairdressing tips to buy him a pair of red dice with hearts on them.

Excuse the perm !!!!


They hung in the front proudly on show stuck to the windscreen between our seats a true symbol of love. The next move would be to have our names stuck to the window as well  ..not bloody likely lol!!! Chris polished it most weekends until he could see his face in the paintwork.

So when he had to walk home late one Tuesday night after dropping us home from venture scouts it was because he had been hit up the backside by a drunk driver. He was so shocked.

This driver on getting out of his vehicle promptly pissed against his own car tyre and apologized.……

He swapped details with Chris got back in his car and drove off. The chap had handed over false insurance documents and a false name and address. Poor Chris….

His next car was a green Fiat Panda. His parents helped him out  …not the coolest of cars to own!!!

We went through a number of vehicles …

Chris had an amazing ability to write cars off usually because he wasn’t concentrating.

One particular day he was driving past the salon I worked in.

He was on his way home from his early shift at Sainsbury’s and was so busy tooting and waving that he didn’t notice the queue of traffic waiting patiently for the red light of the pedestrian crossing to change too green …

I heard a rather loud screech as I was walking away from the reception desk feeling happy that I had spotted him driving past and then panic set in as I heard a rather loud crash…

I turned and looked out of the large shop window to see up the road.

 There was radiator fluid flooding the road and the bonnet of our red fiesta fire fly was blocking Chris’s view … it was another write off ….and so this habit continued ….

Chris never managed to get anything half decent to cruise the Circuit in, well not in style anyway!!!

This obsession with wanting a collector’s car never stopped, thank goodness for the world wide web …

Once he had this at his fingertips he was constantly looking for a bargain. He was always looking on Ebay or gumtree. He spent hours trawling the net searching up and down the country, but as always (and I’m sure you’ve been in this situation yourself), whenever anything came up the funds were never in place …. Chris never grumbled once. He was such a loving husband and a fantastic Dad he always put us first.

On turning 40 and not yet managing to achieve his dream we decided that maybe life was too short so in 2016 and the ripe old age of 42 his dream came true.

 One sunny Sunday morning we drove to Swanage. Tom was in tow having no idea where we were going…

As we hit the dual carriage way I realized how excited I felt. Not for me, but for the boys…

The music was playing and the sun was glimmering over the waters looking out towards Poole. We drove through a few local villages and out towards Corfe. Corfe village is one of my favourite places and a place we visit at least twice a year…

Good old Sat Nav told us we had arrived and after driving past the opening of the lane several times We finally spotted it. Chris pulled the van up into the opening of the lane just on the outskirts of Swanage and rang the seller to say we had arrived.

Chris smiled at me … I think he got ‘that feeling’ … you know, that feeling when you just know!

At the end of the lane there was an old barn and inside that barn covered in dust was a black golf. As The boys opened the barn doors I could see their hearts literally burst with delight.

They both fell in love

tom golf

 It was wonderful to see them grinning. Tom looked like he was going to split his face. He was grinning so much and the way he was looking at his Dad was priceless I don’t think he could believe he was standing in front of a mark 2 Golf GTI with lowered suspension and a full modded engine…..

 It was a true wheeler dealer moment….But there was one small problem …This lovely car had been stripped and was ready to drag race. Bucket seats, roll cage the lot …. but did this hinder his urge to buy …hell no !!

I was told that if we bought it we would save this classic from the chances of being smashed up. How could I say no …..

I drove our van home and Chris took the golf with Tom, but it wasn’t long before we had to stop.

We had a few minor adjustments to make on our route home.

We stopped at a local petrol station, firstly to fill the golf up with fuel along with my own fuel (a couple of cheeky chocolate bars) but the main reason for the stop was to grab a couple of cushions out of our campervan.

Turns out Chris was too short in the leg and sat in the bucket seat meant he couldn’t reach the peddles!!

Bless him…. but the funny thing was he couldn’t see out of the windows either and it wasn’t my fault this time for blocking the parcel shelf with “stuff” ….

We’ve argued for many years as to who is the tallest …

It’s me at 5ft 5inches, by the way …Chris is only 5ft 3 inches ….

To this day if you look in through the golf car windows you will see a beautiful black booster seat. This is so he can reach the peddles, although he will tell you it’s because the car is so low now it makes for a more comfortable ride!!

(whatever you say darling  …I love you !!!)

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