One girl who lifted my spirits ….


I have been lucky enough over the years to meet some amazing people and one special lady walked into my life (well i walked into hers lol ) one grey overcast Sunday when we were both out to entertain our kiddie-winkles at monkey world.

It wasn’t the first time we had met … In Fact we spent every morning for 5 years at senior school in the registration together ,but seldom spoke ….

we were in different peer groups ….

Lerryn was pushing her little girl in the bucket swings and my Tom had spotted something of interest over by the same set of swings….In a split second Tom was gone, so with me frantically running over to stop him getting hit at the same set of swings ….I saw Lerryn.

We spoke briefly while I hung onto a squirming Tom about perhaps meeting up with Channy and Lucy my school buddies I still see …..

Lerryn had been friends with Channy at school, but I was (in my own personal view ) in a more immature group of girls so I only ever recall smiling at Lerryn ….I used to ponder as to what and how she was always seemed so interesting I was curious back then ……

Lerryn gave me her phone number and I promised to text her with a date…she waffled on about her memory and how a bad few years on leaving school had left her a little worse for wear but I was determined to reconnect with her…. I felt it was really important and I think she would agree with me …

Well that was 10 years ago and my goodness this woman has changed my life.

I am so pleased that I said hello and I’m so pleased I Text her as I had promised …

This amazing woman was meant to be on a path with me…I was excited about her passion I loved being around her!!! …..

Lerryn was always into anything and everything especially if it got her questioning …

I liked that side of her character.

She always listened intensely, eager to absorb whatever anyone had to say. She had a presents about her that always made me feel calm and at peace.

She was and still is, so good for me….

She always had an interesting piece of jewelry around her neck or an unusual ring on her finger and her hair was bobbed scattering curls around her face in a crazy fashion. She was always yearning to dye her hair funky colours as she had done when she was younger, but her Sunday job wouldn’t allow this, so when she finally stopped that job the insane colours began again…

She is currently rocking a bright red look and it looks amazing.!!!!

She had me hooked when she spoke about anything remotely intriguing or as some would say, strange….

But it didn’t seem strange to me. She managed to make me so inquisitive, and so before long she had me pulling angel cards daily and allowing her to practice her new found skill of Tarot card reading on me and the rest of the Glenmoor gang. ….

One of the biggest influences she had on my life was introducing me to Greg and secondly Paul but we will talk ‘Paul talk’ later ….

let’s concentrate on Greg for now …..

She had been on a couple of ghost hunts with him and had learnt to open her 3rdeye allowing her into distant realms….

Greg had helped her by teaching her how to her protect herself and he managed to bring out a confidence in Lerryn that to be honest I didn’t know she was searching for ….

As I’ve said before looks can be deceiving ….

Anyway this confidence came by the bucket load when she was contacting the other side.

Our meet ups were full of mystery as Lerryn filled us in on what she had been involved in or what she had signed up for.

Of course this was right up my street and being so curious I was almost hanging off her every word. I was a true Lerryn fan …..

Needless to say when an invite to a night of clairvoyancy came our way Lucy and myself didn’t hesitate on taking her up on the offer…

I fully understand it’s not everybody’s cup of tea ….but over the years it has offered many people reassurance and has helped people to find peace, I suppose as well as to create trauma …

She invited us all to her home one particular evening so we could all have a reading with her friend Greg and that’s when I truly believe my healing process began.

to be continued 8th July ….

Love kirsten xxx

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2 thoughts on “One girl who lifted my spirits ….

  1. Oh wow… so many kind words! Our paths were always destined to join. You are so good for me! Love you. Xxx


  2. How wonderful to have such a deep and meaningful connection. I think you are good for each other. Xx


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