From lifting spirits to meeting them !!! …. OMG here we go !!!!


   You’ll meet Lucy in the next blog…but just so you know before you start reading 

she’s a super star and my pillar of strength  …

I am carrying on from last weeks story but Lucy plays a huge part of the continuation so I apologise now as I haven’t been able to introduce you just yet so ….bare with me lol….

So Lucy picked me up in her car a few years back now…

 We were going to have a rather intriguing evening, so after kissing all my family goodbye I headed out to her car shouting “I LOVE YOU”.

I slammed the door behind me and that was that, we were heading off to see Lerryn.

 It was a night that would change both our lives.

 I was waffling on about the emotional day I had had with my Naomi and how shopping for new bedding had been such a nightmare.

I spoke about the lampshade I had swapped over naughtily without anyone looking in a local shop all because Naomi hated the shade on her chosen lamp base…..

 I filled the car with chitter chatter as the story unfolded that this moody teenager who was melting over her new bedding theme burst into laughter because she never believed I could be that naughty……

 Not her mummy!!

The trip had been about trying to put some normality back into her life. She had been self-harming and was having a tough time in therapy, but again I’m going off on a tangent so that’s another chapter for this book a bit later on….

As we parked up I asked Lucy what she wanted to know, she looked at me very seriously and said,

“What I think I want to do needs to be the right thing.”

We left it at that, I didn’t question her …

Lucy is a Cancerian and has a really tuff shell. I’m not saying she’s a tuff nut and you wouldn’t want to cross her path …

 quite the opposite….

She is a big softie and has a heart of gold, but she does keep her emotions locked tight behind closed doors ..inside her shell, only when she is ready will she let anyone in…..

You will never see her vulnerability…..

She asked me what I wanted from this experience and without holding back the tears I wept, telling her that I just wanted to know that my Mum loved me …it was that simple!!

That was what I had come to Lerryn’s home for…

I had always wanted to contact the spirit world but I was so very afraid. Now I could do it with someone I loved and trusted completely by my side….

 It didn’t feel so daunting ….

You see I lost my dear mum when I was 10 years old ….

 I had so many questions I wanted to ask, one being the big “why “, but there was a lot more I wanted to know.

 Never being to a clairvoyant before I had no idea what to expect. What if my expectations were too high?

 What if she didn’t come through? What if she didn’t love me? What if she wasn’t proud of me?….

 I couldn’t believe I had been given the chance to speak with her…. I was armed with her engagement ring and my Grandad’s hankie and I also had my Nanny’s ring. I was really hoping one of them would come through. I just needed to know that I was loved and that my mum was proud of me…

We gathered ourselves and headed into Lerryn’s.

Lucy and I had made a pledge together before we left the car.

Holding hands tightly, followed by great big hug we agreed that we would go in together. That way we would be able to support each other and listen so we could fill each other in afterwards.

 There was about 8 of us having short bullet point like readings. The kitchen island was spread with food goodies and Lerryn was busy sorting out people’s drinks.

The rest of the girlies smiled and introduced themselves all busily talking which was creating a highly emotionally charged atmosphere that filled the room.

We were all very excited, but Lucy and I were very nervous…..I felt sick with fear …worry ….love …oh I don’t know I just felt like my heart was going to stop !!!

 I’m sure they were all fairly nervous, but we didn’t know any other people in the room so it was going to be kind of rude to ask if they were nervous….

The kitchen door opened and in walked Channy. We were surprised to find out She had been the first one in with Greg and although she was pleased with her reading she was very skeptical.

She had been told one important piece of information and she held onto this information for a very long time, periodically sounding Lerryn out wondering if it had happened…

So Lerryn asked enthusiastically “who’s next”?

By this time, I had downed so much Rescue Remedy because my nerves were in tatters, so I piped up really quickly….

“We’ll go in next! …is it ok that we go in together? ” pointing to Lucy with a petrified grin on my face.

 I was very surprised that I felt so desperate to get this over and done with. I was starting to doubt and that was making me feel edgy…..

I was on the verge of tears and I hadn’t got in the front room yet !!

Needless to say it was absolutely fine. Lerryn could see I needed Lucy’s support.

 So in we went holding hands ….

I can’t explain in a few words what unfolded in that front room …..

This blog would take too long too read so on Wednesday I will blog what actually happened ….It was that life changing moment I spoke about in the Lerryn blog …..

lots of love Kirsten xx

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1 thought on “ From lifting spirits to meeting them !!! …. OMG here we go !!!!

  1. You have a wonderful way of creating beautiful pictures when you write. X


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