I am Gliding like a swan are you !! ;)

To sail through the waters poised serene and graceful ….

is that you ??

Elegant graceful and beautiful are few words we could use to describe the swan …

is that you ???

The swan shows grace, dignity, courage …

when your eyes look to the swan on a river  …what stirs in your heart ??….

when I see a swan I feel peaceful ….I follow them up the river until they turn the bend and disappear out of sight… it brings such calm to my heart …

There seems to be something magical about catching a glimpse of a swan…

The wonderful thing about seeing a swan means you are out in nature, you are at the waters edge you are connecting with the beauty all around …

I believe this is one of the best tonics for healing calming thinking and nurturing….

OHHHH The pleasure in watching a swan …

A gentle glide as it passes us by, small ripples causing  movement to the weeds below….. we stand watching from the rivers edge almost hypnotised by its grace and beauty  ….so much calmness present as the water ripples past its beautifully feathered pure white body ….

hmmmm  so under the water ….

well…its a totally different story …..

Paddling like crazy their webbed feet propelling themselves forward…

I wonder how much the swan takes in as it glides along …

It’s focus only ever seems like its looking  forward …seldom do I see a swimming swan having a good look around  or even looking back up the river from where it once came ….

This I am making a mental note of …..don’t look back !!!

They say…

“Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it’s called the Present”

I guess thinking about the swan and what I feel I know for sure now is that nothing is ever quite as it seems …

when I was working on the high street as a hairdresser I would be found in the staff room slurping a coffee and dragging on a fag offloading my latest saga on to anyone who would listen ….but as the salon door opened and I heard the junior greeting and gowning up my next client on would go the mask …..

I would whack on an enormous smile and glide out onto the shop floor and nobody would have known anything was wrong ….

just like the swan on the river ….

I had to be 100% client focused ….Well unless you had known me like forever then my mask would slip   … I was honest and open and even sometimes vulnerable as I shared things that were bothering me or worrying me….past present and future ….

I knew who I could trust and who loved me for being just me ….

I’ve had my fingers burnt by family and friends where I thought i meant more to them than I actually was and  through certain behaviours I now realise I’m not and never will be loved or cared for  ut that is one of life lessons …

It is total wasted energy trying to fit in or be loved unconditionally  ….and energy is something I don’t have a lot of anymore ….

So back to the swan …..the image portrayed by many of us is that of coping ….

gliding on that surface ….

just simply gliding …..

We seem to be managing our shit ….but only if thats what we want to portray !!

Like the swan we can be totally poised graceful and in control on the surface  …

but underneath ……

it can be  total mayhem ….

As with a swan’s paddling ,Just how much of our emotions are being kept under the surface hidden from one another ??

we are all seriously challenged at times in our lives and somethings we just can’t do on our own ….

It is very important that you reach out for support ….

Don’t be that swan that looks totally in control and full of grace if underneath, you are paddling like crazy ….

Learn to open up and express your emotions ….

Reach out for you will find there will be someone there for you ……

Finding support within a network of  a loving family and support through solid friendships  or social groups where honesty and love can really help stop that desperate feeling  that desperate paddle going on under the surface ….

We all need support guidance and love on our journey home ….back to once we first came …

back to the light ….

lots of love kirsten xxx


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4 thoughts on “I am Gliding like a swan are you !! ;)

  1. Such beautiful images. You are right, to even say some worries/concerns out loud can help. Xx


  2. I love your blog it is so true I often feel like a swan putting on a calm exterior and yet underneath things churning around in my head you have a wonderful way with words.xxx


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