Holding hands and loving gestures…

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“Do you hold hands because you love someone or do you hold it because you don’t want your partner to escape “……

These words left a lady’s lips on air one morning last week …

I thought it ludicrous and so did Chris (my hubby )…….

Personally I love to hold my hubby’s hand …. although I find hard to do sometimes as my stick and balance gets in the way ….we have demised a new way to hold hands and me look as normal as I can but he is actually supporting me when my balance goes a bit squiffy !!!!

I love to hold my friends hands too… they  can be extremely helpful when out and about and I think holding me up when I need it has brought us all closer ……..

My husband and I were totally shocked by the lady’s spoken words …

“hold hands because you don’t want your partner to escape” !!!! ….

crazy madness … and utterly ridiculous !!

She was against public gestures of affection …..

including holding hands….

mad hey !!!

The information below is taken from wikipedia

Western culture, spouses and romantic couples often hold hands as a sign of affection or to express psychological closeness. Non-romantic friends may also hold hands, although acceptance of this varies by culture and  gender role. Parents or guardians may hold the hands of small children to exercise guidance or authority. In terms of romance, handholding is often used in the early stages of dating or courtship to express romantic interest in a partner. Handholding is also common in advanced stages of a romantic relationship where it may be used to signify or seek solace and reassurance.

So holding hands is so much more than just a gesture of affection ….

The number of times I have reached out to hold my husbands hand for comfort and reassurance is un measurable …it happens every single day ….

The number of times I reach out to hold his hand as a gesture of affection is also unmeasurable …. It happens every single day …

My husband will hold my hand as I am more often than not  in need of guidance but he is never authoritative with me and has never been that way with our children ….

Holding hands has been and still is the most precious thing to me .it connects me with people …..closeness, unity ,love ,support, care ,compassion ,empathy …are all words I would say describe the action of hand holding ……

My hubby and I can hold hands and it means a million spoken words between us yet  we hold hands in silence….. a conversation can be taking place just in the gesture alone …

The love and support shared in the touch of a hand or the holding of each others  hands or even in a hand shake is so very very special ….

We should never stop reaching out and holding each others hands …..

Human contact and a connection made speaks a thousand words…

I have a baby grandchild due today …..and I can’t wait to hold its little hand ….

I hope they will hold my hand for many years to come ….

I was always intrigued by my Grandpas hands…. the size of his palms, the shape of his beautiful nails and the wrinkled skin with age spots ….I felt safe when my tiny hand was held by his  …..a happy memory for me ….

my Grandad always had hands that made churches and steeples and showed me the people…. a funny little rhyme that i used to beg him to do and he could twist his hands with the fingers sticking in opposite directions and wiggle them whilst wobbling his tongue and making an indian war dance noise …he was also kind with his hands …a loving hand to hold … an enthusiastic  hankie waver  simply a lovely granddad  that I miss so very much …..

My mums hands I sadly don’t remember …that makes me sad ….her death and the scars that were brought about from her passing bring about a cloak of darkness where I have simply blotted things out ….. her hands are one of those memories that have vanished what they looked like …the rings on her fingers… the warmth of her touch …..the kindness in her touch …I can only believe that her hands were kind hands ….doing good to all …(wasn’t that a hymn from my childhood ….hmmmmm funny how things pop into your head !!! )

The Touch Research Institute says that holding hands stimulates the Vagus nerve which decreases blood pressure and heart rate and puts people in a more relaxed state.

So all the more reason to reach out and hold someone’s hand hey ….

Hold the hands of loved ones because its not promised that they will be here with us forever….

Hold the hands of a stranger …

just reach out …be compassionate …let someone know you care …

It isn’t stranger danger you know …not really ….because you may be their life line at that particular time …..just do it …see how you feel when you spread a little love …..

holding hands …..its good for the soul !!!

lots of love kirsten xxx




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