Can you be enthusiastic about your life ??…..


Loch Linnhe Scotland with Ben Nevis in the background having a mad dip …. I felt so alive in that moment …Ms has me but I have life and that matters the most above all the turmoil, pain and grief it causes me …

Sounds quite a challenge hey  especially right now with Christmas just around the corner !!!

We get caught up in that hub bub crap that Christmas seems to have become …3 for 2’s …spend spend spend …party hard …drink and eat plentifully …waste waste waste ….but are you really enthusiastic about the moment of your precious life  that you are dedicating to this fleeting season of celebration the modern 2018 way !!!

We have all heard probably more than once the following …

Live for the moment …

or perhaps

don’t take life for granted …..


you never know whats around the corner … and with a friend laid to rest only yesterday and to see the tears falling from a many grief stricken faces in the crem ….all the above sits heavy on my conscience … Mortality a mere gift a fleeting moment ….a blessing only taken for granted by many of us ….

but we, well I know I have in the past ,plodded on stuck somewhat in the mundane trudge we believe is the expanse of living ….

But we are lucky if we live to 100 years of age ….

100 years

…thats it, tops ….

so how are you living yours…. how are you living those special years that we have all been blessed with ???

How do you fancy becoming aware of every moment with clarity understanding and love …..

Could you take note and become aware of  life’s teachings no matter the circumstances ….and grow from them

Could you face challenges trusting that any or all the answers are within you already ??….

I snuggled for years ….

LOL….. predicted texts….. I actually STRUGGLED !!!

but once I started to take note and listen well ….. thats when life began to change ….

Everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance…

If you can go with the flow of the changes and do it with grace and gratitude ( I Know right that sounds nuts !!)

Then you will  find peace and calm in your soul …..

Even the tough stuff has a purpose for our souls ….

but  its important to know this ….don’t look back or dwell as you will inevitably get stuck …..

You see nobody can open new doors with old keys ….(these words mean a lot to me )….

It just won’t happen ….

If you have faced those giants with confidence and laid them to sleep never to be disturbed again then there really is no need to look back ,churn up or poke those horrors of your past …..

so ….

Can you be enthusiastic about your life ??…

if the answer is no then perhaps …

Try something different or change how you do something …mix it up a bit …change those habits …..step out of that comfort zone ….because i know you have got the strength deep in you ….

smile at a stranger …join a group that interests you …. take a small step out of your comfort zone and start living I promise it will be worth it  ….

If I can …then so can anyone ….

love and light Kirsten xxx

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2 thoughts on “Can you be enthusiastic about your life ??…..

  1. Lorraine Croom Dec 17, 2018 — 12:01 am

    What you write certainly gets me thinking! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What you write certainly makes me think! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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