MS and the common cold … OMG ruff or what !!!!!!


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A common cold for anyone is a royal pain in the arse …It creeps up on you within hours…that itchy scratchy, oh dear i think I’m coming down with something kinda feeling….

You reach into the first aid cupboard in a bid to beat it !!!…

An array of allsorts ….

Mine looks like this ….

Antacid tablets ,a bandage and a selection of now rusty safety pins, a tube of savlon  and a bottle of hand sanitiser, a half empty packet of corn caps, a new box of allergy relief tablets, a digital thermometer, a wee pot , a nit comb and some ovex ….most of it now out of date and most very unuseful nowadays …. I think we left worms and nits behind when the kids left junior school…

The digital thermometer has run out of batteries and nobody would want a rusty pin holding there bandage together ….

I don’t get corns anymore as I only ever wear sensible shoes that fit a drop foot brace now and the allergy tablets are now on Tom’s bed as he takes them everyday …..So I think its safer to say that the first aid box will be seeing the great black bin liner once I’ve written this blog !!!!

So the common cold that has been doing the rounds knocked on my door and I was far from prepared ….

I needed a Lemsip, a cough sweet ,some ibuprofen and paracetamol and bloody pronto ….

Boots was my port of call …..I stood in the queue trying not to breathe cough or make eye contact with anyone I really wasn’t  out to spread my germs just out to get prepared for battle  !!!

It was like putting armour on to fight the good fight …..but mine was a desperate bid to stop my immune system going into overdrive and a bit more !!!

I knew something was happening to me a few days back because along with the usual oh dear feelings I had heavy legs and heavy arms and a sense of  disconnection…

My brain was (more than usual) full of fluff…

I should have been preparing an amazing xmas meal on christmas eve which I attempted, but instead of being amazing it was mediocre ….

My timings were all out, I couldn’t lift the pans to drain the veg and couldn’t hold the carver to carve the turkey …. I forgot half the food ,didn’t put the pudding in to cook once the roast had finished taking up space and sat listening to everyone chatting and laughing throughout with no clue as it what was going on ….

Catching a cold when you have MS can really knock you off your feet  because the old familiar symptoms return, your current symptoms get worse and you live in fear that a relapse could be imminent……

so was it a relapse or was it just symptoms mixed in with the cold ??

Well they call it Pseudo exacerbation…..

It feels like a relapse …it puts you on edge emotionally ,screws you up physically, but passes with the cold probably a bit slower than the average Jo blogs, but then joe blogs aint fighting MS !!!

God I wish I was Joe Blogs …..

The only blessing is that an MS sufferer knows they will survive pseudo exacerbation …well saying that only as long as no fighting cells have crossed the blood brain barrier and have forgotten that the cold has passed auto pilot out to attack me …….seeing red in every bit of myelin that it fancies chomping on !!!

Yep you’ll feel crap …head full of fluff ..brain un-ingaging …vision struggling …limbs heavy and aching popping in your head and neck ….pins and needles …jabbing pains in unusual places …fatigue ….oh and then the cold on top ….the running temperature sends me into a fluctuating loss of everything …coordination goes to pot ..speech… drop foot … breathlessness…pain ….dizziness !!!!

A cold kicks in and MS kicks off …..

So the sales in toilet roll, lemons, honey and cheap happy shopper paracetamol have gone up in our little corner shop as what I bought in boots soon went …..

All wanted for xmas was a new body !!!!

I didn’t get one by the way !!!

So my new years resolution …

to eat well and no not pie chips chocolate cake and caffeine by the pint …..

to exercise within my limits so i reckon more swimming as my temperature doesn’t rise and my body feels weightless

get plenty of fresh air because that is my main soul food

and keep smiling ……..because thats the best way to tackle MS ….

happy new year …..






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1 thought on “MS and the common cold … OMG ruff or what !!!!!!

  1. Oh dear, sounds like the common cold is awful. Ms really doesn’t mix well with anything. Xxxxx feel better. ❤️❤️❤️


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