Moving on ……painful but necessary….scary but exciting …negative but positive ….

I just knew we had to move …it was the right thing to do ….

A year ago I posted the words below on my fb page…..reading it back today i am filled with so many emotions … was the right thing to do but my goodness it was one of the hardest things because I didn’t want to leave the world and life that made me me …made us us ……

The four walls we left behind are hugging a new family now …and that made me sad ….

but our new four walls have embraced us and it strangely feels like we’ve lived here forever ….which makes me happy …..

One thing I have realised is that it’s our family that have made this house a home …The warmth I thought I’d leave in Frensham close came with us ….

home really is where your heart is …..

There are times I sob my eyes out because I am scared …but I when I read back on these posts I see how far Ive come and i thank you all for your love support and kindness …xxx


This happened today my dear friends …

Our board changed from sale agreed to SOLD 😁😁 it really is happening…..

We exchanged contracts just before lunch and we get to close this chapter of our lives by moving onwards and upwards on Fri 9th Feb….

Every week since we went on the market I have set myself a couple of bite size tasks which means we can rest easy as the completion date looms because it’s all in hand ….sheds ,roof ,cupboards , airing cupboard ,wardrobes ,cubby holes all clear sorted and packed 😊😊

Leaving our home we take many wonderful memories with us .The door was always open to anyone who knocked …this house seemed to hug anyone who walked in …..
right now it’s a little empty …we are rattling around in a huge space that is no longer needed ….

This house saw us raise our children from toddlers to teens and for naomi we saw her fly the nest ….

These four walls saw a number of dramas unfold with lots of tears but also bucket loads of laughter and love ….

Its hosted a large number of parties over the 13 years we’ve been here,all kinds of gatherings…. lots of bbq’s on those balmy evenings as the kids played with hose pipes charging around like loons with the dogs bouncing about on the lawn with them ….

we celebrated the royal wedding with a garden party with friends clients and family joining us and we have been blessed as we had enough space to host a number of crazy Nye gatherings which have left anyone who was there with an abundance of memories set to have you chuckling deep in your belly for many years to come ….

I have been blessed to have a wonderful group of friends some fairly new and some as old as my time earth all with a story of how we met and I hope they know how precious they are to me and what wonderful memories I have held close to my heart that have taken place in these for walls …..

Memories of birthday parties ,sleep overs by the bucket load and camp outs in dens in the garden…. children’s laughter, daft antics, Christmas mornings all piled under layers upon layers of wrapping paper as naomi and tom squeeled excitingly over the man in the red suit’ s yearly visit ….snow ball fights, snowmen building and dragging the kids round to the common on sleds ,NERF wars ,gardening , bonfires….the list goes on and on ….

Our home has served Us financially adapting as lifes pressures took hold …. we took students for just over 8 years from all over the world bringing culture and friendship into our four walls …..

And to have been lucky enough to run my salon within this space has been wonderful …As I have supported a number of you emotionally along side a hair do ,so you have supported me in me and my family’s times of need ….

4 frensham close we say thankyou from the bottom of our hearts ..

We were very privileged to have lived here.

The sunny garden and the abundance of wild life ….the superb bird chorus and the many wonderful colours the trees gave us will live in my memory forever ..may you bring as much pleasure to your new owners as you have brought us …..

I’m feeling grateful for small mercies …here’s to change in a positive way …..i look forward with hope in my heart ….

love and light kirsten xxx

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1 thought on “Moving on ……painful but necessary….scary but exciting …negative but positive ….

  1. Wow. So much. Xx


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