Acts of love…

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So I’m going to set the scene…..

You are walking along the pathway with a child next to you…. your child, a grandchild your god child your best friends child your niece or nephew…..

you get the gist ..

The pace is slow and you haven’t really got a lot of time today….. in your head a list as long as your arm of things you need to get done!! “Get this walk done as quickly as possible and then I can get back to my chores “…

There  is always so much more  to be getting on with, but hey ho its nice to be out in the fresh air is whats going through your head … and the next thought is “I will encourage little one to  turn around in a minute and we can head back …what can I bribe them with ” !! ….

The little tot you are with is distracted and keen to pick something up from the pathway…

Tugging at your hand to cross the path you give in with an aggravated huff and a “hurry  up” leaves your lips … …

A twig a pebble a small daisy…

“what you looking at poppet “….

what they fumble around with and eventually pick up is presented to you ….

A gift ….but you are not really too impressed….

Its like the 1000 pebble you’ve had since this little tot started walking !!!

I know I can be blatantly honest with you all  and say that if I kept every stick and stone I was given by my children I could have rebuilt Corfe castle …. and sadly  many a time they caught me out as I dropped that special gift back to the ground from where it came ….

…. Did I feel guilty …

Well not really, it was just a pebble and I needed to get home without dragging half of the environment back to the car with me !!!!

so whoops “oh no where did that go !!  followed by never mind you can get me another one next time ” leaves my lips !!!

you must have experienced this also ??

Dean Jackson said

“when a child gives you a gift even if it is a rock they have just picked up remember to be grateful…it may be the only thing they have to give and they have chosen to give it to you “….

So I have spent some time thinking about gifts and what they mean to share with you …

You see even when you think kindness goes unnoticed it is undeniably essential …it casts a ripple out into the world  and that ripple has no end …

Lets look at simple gifts….


They say “if you  meet someone with no smile then give them one of yours “

its that ripple effect working beautifully because they may well pass on that smile to the next person …….

You can lead by example ….

Don’t wait for others to be loving giving compassionate grateful forgiving generous or friendly …its up to you to lead the way !!

I really like this following words because it isn’t ever about how big the gesture or gift …. it’s the little things that’s can make the biggest impact especially if we are coming from the perspective of love …

Great opportunities to help others seldom come but small ones surround us everyday ….

And being selfish doesn’t ever really help us in this world…

What we do for ourselves dies with us ….what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.….

Anne frank said that no one has ever become poor by giving …..


and mother Teresa said its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving ….

kind words, kind thoughts, kind deeds are one of the greatest gifts ….


I now know because I’ve grown up somewhat and experienced a lot of life lessons on my path so far that those pebbles ,sticks and daisies that were gifted to me were precious ..and I know I really couldn’t have kept them all that would have been totally crazy  …

but I can think about the effect of giving from a totally different perspective ….and that is giving through love ….

It doesn’t need to be materialistic …

It can be a hug, your time, a listening ear , charity ….the list is endless…..

And if it is materialistic gift you chose to bestow on someone remember its not about how expensive or beautiful that object, but more the thought love and sentiment behind why you are giving it  ….

who would you like to gift a gift ???

love and light kirsten xxx



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