Blooming blinking marvellous !!!


Blooming blinking marvellous are the words up to focus our thoughts on today ….

I recently read this quote poking around on the internet ….

When a seed flowers, everyone recognises its beauty.

Seldom do we find that flowers make us grumpy, even good old weeds can look blooming blinking marvellous ….

Flowers put a smile upon our faces…whether we grow them, are given them by a loved one or we visit them in a national garden or spot them out on a walk …

They are guaranteed to stir emotions that make us feel happy grateful and peaceful ….

The promise of warmer days as the spring bulbs pop their heads above the soil brings happiness as we have waited with anticipation for winter to pass …

A dainty daffodil blowing in the march winds or the blossoms of the cherry tree falling in amongst the rain drops of the April showers ignites that urge to get out in the gardens and tend or plant ….

The neighbour cutting their grass sets off a domino effect in the neighbourhood because cut grass smells sooooo blooming good !!!!

The joys of the beautiful colours in a cottage garden mid-summer are a pure delight and brings us a sense of peace, the bumble bee and butterflies frolicking amongst the blooms ,so many colours and fragrances from blooms to herbs and blossoms
as we sit and enjoy the fruits of the ever changing season’s labour …..

With this is mind I want to dig a bit deeper …

Oprah Winfrey said that

• Whatever our dreams, ideas or projects, we plant a seed, nurture it and then reap the fruits of our labour.

These 2 quotes got me thinking about the beauty of a bloom and how planting an idea and nurturing it you can reap the fruits of your labour ….I began to pull apart when perhaps humans bloom and we plant to help us on our earthly experience ( hypothetically speaking) !!!

I will share with you my thoughts because that’s what I do !!! ….

My mind meanders along a questioning path looking for that enlightenment of some kind where life makes a little sense for a short time… well at least until the next head buzzing crazy kirsten moment !!!

I think to be honest just like the ever changing seasons and the constant turning of our planet we ebb and flow, duck and dive, reap and sow, live and die …we buy and sell, hoard and remove, love and hate.. …

The list is most probably never ending but I couldn’t think of anymore when I wrote this !!!

For me… …surrounded by love is one of my key ingredients to personal growth because when I am loved unconditionally I bloom blinking marvellously ….
especially on those bad days when all I need is a reassuring hug …

Love lifts me beyond the “I cants” and the fears of whatever is challenging me and gives me strength to push through …

A snow drop doesn’t freak out because snow lays thick on the ground pushes through ….

A daffodil isn’t afraid of the march winds… they too push through and stand as tall as the weather will let them…
And if they do take a battering and blow over we usually pick them and place them in a vase to make them look beautiful again …

We tend to the daffodils needs in the same way we look after our loved ones when they are down on their luck and have taken a battering ….

The one thing I know for sure is that to bloom blinking marvellously it may work well to work on the basis of the following words from a quote by Robert louis Stevenson …..

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seed you plant.

And following the wonderfully inspiring wise words from Nelson Mandela are these….

It always seems impossible until it is done .

Whether that be because you don’t have the time or the knowledge or the gusto or even the right perspective towards life ….One tiny step at a time, a small seed planted and nurtured will no doubt bring you some wonderful fruits … just gotta stick at it just like the ebb and flow of our planet …

it never gives up on us …

so don’t give up on yourself …..

you too can be blooming blinking marvellous

love and light kirsten xxx

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