Digits and dots


As child I had numerous colouring books and I used to love the pages that were covered in tiny numbers and little black dots ….

There was always a sneaky clue as to what the picture may well turn out to be once every number had been passed  but only if I got the numbers in the right order !!!

There was an eye or an ear …

A bit of spikey hair sat on top of a circular cluster of numbers …

A dicky bow tie or a pirate sat floating amidst 100 numbers …..

There was always a clue….

I would dot to dot eager to complete the picture so I could add an array of garish colours and display it up on the fridge for all to see or write a soppy ‘love you’ message to my Nanny Auntie or mummy ….

It was a pure delight for me not just to complete the image and find all the numbers in sequence, but to see the joy it brought whoever was blessed enough to have yet another picture to add to their collection ….

I chuckle out loud because I am that adult now and I have been on the receiving  end for many years of pictures and homemade crafts that I couldn’t actually store….they were   given with love… received with love and then……hmmmmm where did they all go !!! !!!

Well the adult  I am now (much to my dislike) has me behaving all grown up ….lol….

and I haven’t dot to dotted for many years, So with the worldwide web and its never ending pool of resources I found myself skimming across hundreds of dot to dot images looking for inspiration for my Mindful Souls group …

It got me thinking and I soon found myself printing off (straight in at the deep end) a stupidly high numbered dot to dot …

Adult dot to dots seem to be a fast growing fashion along with colouring …All this mindful stuff coming to the forefront for many stressed out human beings!!

and it worked because for the duration of the dot to dot I wasn’t thinking about the house work or my sorry state or the worries of bills or the shopping list ….

I was just dotting !!!

Did I hesitate, worried I might not complete it properly ??….

Nope …both feet straight in …1 2 3 4 5 …

where’s 6 ?? ….. ahhhhh there it is!!!

7 8 9 …you get the picture…98 99 100 …

hmmm what is it I am drawing???

ohhh bloody hell…. I’ve snapped the lead in my pencil …

Pencil sharpener ….now where is it???

By the time I had found the sharpener and then returned back to searching for where I left my last dot I was  getting myself in quite a state because I had seen too many digits and dots by this stage and I wasn’t too impressed with what seemed to be emerging on my piece of paper …..

At this stage I found myself feeling a little grumpy …

You see I’d spent about 3 hours of my day researching, searching ,printing and then doing and  the image revealing itself to me was a bloody car !!!

A car …seriously if it had given me a sneaky clue maybe I wouldn’t have started it !!!

But I wasn’t going to quit even though it wasn’t my kind of thing because my traits are that I always complete to the best of my ability anything I start and I am seldom defeated!!! …

But interestingly at this stage of the doting it was  throwing up (as I carefully worked my way around the image) a number of emotions from the initial delight to total frustration….

surprisingly a million questions about who I was  started to bubble up in my mind …

Can I jump in with both feet?

Do I ever think I can’t do something?

Am I happy to just give something a go?

Am I a perfectionist?

“231 232 233 234 “….

Am I afraid of starting anything new?

Am I afraid of failing or doing something wrong ?

“oh crap I’ve missed 235 and have gone straight on to 245…..rubber “????

Am I enjoying this?

Am I good with numbers?

Am I patient …

or am I bored? ……

You should give dot to dots  a go  ….!!!!

Would you play it safe and go for a low numbered dot to dot with a sneaky clue drawn into the mix of numbers choosing something you could already foresee for ease, peace of mind or reliability ….

Would you choose to jump straight in at the deep end with the surprise element of “let’s just see how this plans  out ” kind of attitude with a  sense of excitement and challenge driving you forward …

Dot to dots can teach you a lot about yourself Just as life does also ….

Maybe you might choose to change your thoughts and jump in at the deep end just this once …..

or maybe you jump in at the deep end way to often and have decided to pull back on those reigns simplifying and slowing down a bit ….

Whatever you choose there is no right or wrong  …

and there is nothing wrong with passing digits and even dotty behaviour ….

live life to the full ..we are only here once ….

love and light kirsten xxx




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