Inspired to leap through life’s ‘stuff ‘ throwing glitter about myself because I choose to…..

I wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all have at some point had or still have a comfortable relationship with the material world ….

This world is a world full of lessons and cycles of ever changing values and that change is necessary for personal growth ….

In our hours of darkness when we find ourselves searching for wisdom when perhaps we feel the lessons upon us are somewhat harsh, confusing or unjust try this ….

Take your thoughts and throw a ton of what I like to call glitter at them and watch your thoughts transform….

Its gotta be better than throwing a load of anger around …. watch the glitter scatter over the drama of a situation or the emotion you are feeling …..

what does the glitter do?? what shapes does it create ??….

just watch it ….take note …..

Give your imagination a chance to inspire you rather than drown you

Give yourself a 100% permission to sit for a while in a quiet space …look at what the issue, situation, feeling or thing has come into fruition to teach you ….

whatever emotions come ….let them be …let them surface …. write them down perhaps for reference ….run with it …

but with glitter ….

maybe glitter is my metaphor for love …..

I know if you throw enough love at stuff you heal …I healed throwing love at myself …

I welcome ‘stuff ‘now ….

I embrace it the best I can ….Its not always easy mind because as we all do sometimes I get totally f***** off and then I bite ….

This I promise I am trying to reign in !!!

I sit quietly, a thousand thoughts a minute racing throw my head like a cyclone hitting the earth….

nobody could really tell …

I’m that lady stood in front of you in that queue that looks positively well …

I sure can make it look like I’ve got my shit together …. perception hey !!!!…..

never judge a book by its cover… we all know that ….

So back to a storm …..

We’ve all watched storm chasers on tv right ??? …

So why run into it ???….

You would normally have found me running away as fast as a I could

but if we continuously run what does that teach you (if we look at what I’ve written hypothetically) what if we run from every drama or every emotion sent to teach us something ….

we would never learn ….

A ‘ cyclone ‘ (as it hits me )shatters all that I have done (work wise) on myself into mayhem every time without fail … all my dramas, my lessons, my suffering I had put neatly in boxes, all that I sorted through or dealt with is thrown into utter chaos ….

I can’t see for the emotional turmoil surrounding me …..

it could simply be anger because the driver infront of me is pissing me off or my expectations of a family member or friend has stirred something up inside me ….

or I can’t seem to conform to society or simply fit in so I panic …Panic is the same as that cyclone to me ….whipping me into a frenzy !!!

but somehow with a sprinkling of glitter the world seems a better place to be …..

Better get to the craft shop and bulk buy that glitter …I’ll see you there 🙂

love and light kirsten xxx

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