Why Hugs Are Magic

This image is me and my hug buddy …we didnt know each other so well before we started a 2 day heal your life workshop …. read on …

I love hugs ..those of you who know me well will know you can’t get passed me without a hug …but it spreads a little cheer and lets you know I care …..so what does hugging do to your brain….I know I certainly feel safe ,loved ,supported, understood and cared for when I get a hug …So Let’s take a closer look at what goes on inside your body when someone hugs you it really is fascinating stuff ….

When someone touches you, they activate pressure receptors within your skin. These receptors fire signals to your vagus nerve.

This feels so good because the vagus nerve is an area within your brain that plays a vital role in regulating many of your body’s key functions such as blood pressure. When you are hugged, your blood pressure drops as a result of this vagus nerve stimulation and this helps you feel calmer.

Dopamine is another important factor. When we are hugged, our brains release dopamine. Also known as ‘the pleasure hormone,’ dopamine induces feelings of reward, safety and general satisfaction. Findings published in the journal ‘Developmental Review’ suggest that hugging can boost ‘happy hormones’ in the brain, lower blood pressure, and lessen feelings of stress. The positive effects of a hug can be immediate – within seconds of being touched in an affectionate way, the average person will begin to feel less stressed, accordingto a report published in ‘Scientific Reports.’ Hugs also lower the amount of cortisol – also known as the ‘stress hormone’ – released by the body.

I have a hug buddy …her name is Laine …she and I held each other in an embrace for (if I remember right) about 6 minutes or it could have been 8 …it doesn’t matter tbh …The point I’m making here is that it felt safe and I had only really just got to know this lovely being …we were on a workshop called heal your life and that is exactly what this hug did …together we trusted enough to hold and heal together ….

So if you feel anxious, stressed or in need of a psychological boost then why not ask a loved one for a hug today?

Both of you will benefit.

I love hugging …and most of my friends now know that they will get a bear hug of sorts oozing with emotion and love as I hold them …and I get it back ….hugging is so important …connection is so important ….love is so important ….

So lets get hugging!

sending you all a virtual hug love and light kirsten xxx

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1 thought on “   Why Hugs Are Magic

  1. ” it spreads a little cheer and lets you know I care ” beautiful line you written ☺️☺️☺️


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