Don’t be Scared ….

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scared to breathe

scared to open my eyes

scared to speak up

scared to speak out

scared to have an opionion

scared to step forward

scared to feel

scared to commit

scared to just be …….

Or am I ??

Do I want to just be ??

Do I want to commit??

Do I want to feel scared??

Do I want to step forward??

Do I have an opinion??

Do I want to speak out or speak up ??

Do I want to open my eyes ??

Do I want to breathe….

The answer is yes I do ….and yes I’m scared  but if this is how you live then yes I’m definitely up for the challenge..

Remember you weren’t born with fear….you didn’t arrive into this world saying “ohhhhh i want to climb back from into where I’ve just come from its scary out here  ….I’m fearful of the big wide world ”  !!!!

being afraid is a manmade emotion (along with the flight or fight old coping mechanism from the cave man years which was back then really useful i will add !!) ….

being scared is the same thing but all you’ve got to do is breathe step forward and live …..

are you coming with me ??

love and light kirsten xx

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1 thought on “Don’t be Scared ….

  1. Perfect. X


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