There is more to life than increasing its speed

STOP …..

look around ….

what do you see….

We are in the depths of our winter months ….

hibernating … maybe we don’t see a lot ….

Grey skies ,cold icy winds blowing the branches of the trees ….the squirrel searching for his nuts …a robin with its red chest puffed out trying to keep warm….smoke from chimneys …an old Christmas tree on someones lawn ….

Puddles …we see a lot of puddles come the wetter months ….and at dusk as the light fades we see peoples homes full of warmth …dinner being cooked …a tv on but the room empty ….someones decorative twinkle lights still up from the festive season …candles lit in windows ….

Do you feel the seasons changing …do you notice the world turning …do you smell the change in the air as the months roll by ???

My favourite times of the year are spring and Autumn …

Its a dead set “hello” to the new and a solid “farewell” to the old…..but it’s never a final goodbye as the seasons start all over again without fail every single year !!!…..

But have you ever missed the changes …

So busy wrapped in life that christmas is on you quicker than you had anticipated or the first frost took you by surprise …No de-icer in the cupboard and 10 minutes to get to work !!

That diet you were going to start after xmas yep last xmas !!!!…well ha ha ha another year and another season of festivities is upon us… the year has passed and the weight …hmmmm well there is always next year !!!

We are busy using the time and by time I mean the day to day living planning a wonderful summer the one that is  just around the corner …..but

That wonderful summer will appear after the bulbs have popped their heads above the soil and the blossoms on the trees have burst into beautiful hues of pinks and whites ….but you may well miss all of that….

One thing is for sure if you stop or at least try to slowdown a little you may well see the world from season to season in all its glory and that is an amazing gift ..nature is the gift that keeps giving so a merry christmas to you enjoy the season ….

love and light kirsten xx

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