Christmas daytime TV !!!!

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So I had snuggled down on the sofa to catch a recorded morning Tv show  this time last year !!! …

I seldom watch this now but did a lot of watching this last year when I was in  recovery from an MS relapse…. I really enjoyed the topics chat and sometimes raucous laugher that had your belly aching especially Phillip and holly …..

I watched in amazement as the hosts stood around ‘like for like’ Christmas presents ….

I was still trying to lift my chin off the floor as they moved away from how to save at christmas and onto Magic Mike and I will explain why in a minute… it wasn’t Magic mike that had my jaw on the floor surprisingly !!!….

I shower my kids with thoughtful gifts ….I listen throughout the year …I take on their personality …I think about the memories they will make …..

As they’ve got older they give me ideas …or more to the point item numbers or a web site with the cost !!! (which is fine because I know its what they really want )

The TV presenters started by saying that Christmas can be the most expensive time of the year  ( well duh…. we all know it can be if you don’t reign it in ) and talked about many of our supermarkets now offering their own range of alternatives …..

Great I’m thinking …Thats really good for a lot of mums and dads trying to buy what is fashionable right now …So I watched on (actually in horror) !!!

My mind is racing as little memories pop up in my head ….I can’t find a word mid sentence anymore and have to stop the conversation…  but I can remember the time we hunted for a furby and a boo bah!!! funny how the MS brain works …..

We weren’t successful by the way  as we wouldn’t pay stupid money ,but funnily enough we picked them up a year later at a car boot sale for a fraction of the cost …..A flat broke family trying to make the money back from an extravagant  christmas   the words “we only bought it last year ” sticking in the back of their throat  as we handed over £2 ……

So I was sipping coffee head space half on the box and half on the memories of christmas past  when I heard this …..

The average parent spends between £250 and £500 on each child …..


NEVER !!!!

OMG !!!

So the presenter started their push for brand versus budget ….set on helping to cut the expenses and explaining how better to spend your hard earned cash….

“So lets take it out of the box shall we and have a look ….

Lets take away the branding ….

Could you tell the difference “…

I remember the need for a tiny tears …I also remember the fisher price pull along phone ….

I remember desperately wanting a Sony walkman (cassette version i will add ) !!

Nothing much has changed I guess over the years apart from one thing ….

back when i was little The amazing ‘I’ve always wanted this  ‘ gift was all you got …you wished for it for the whole year ….

but now we just keep buying …..If we want it we buy it ….so does the present under the tree feel special anymore  ??….

I would say not but thats my personal view…..

So it was suggested by the presenter that grandma buy the labelled goods as a special treat !!!

how canny can you be ….

£109 for a dolls house ….

£88 for a basic wooden kitchen set with a poppty ping !!! (look it up if you don’t Know what that is by the way ) and thats without all the bits you need like utensils saucepans plastic food and other bits !!!

Bosh work bench £35 online ….that wasn’t to bad a price considering it was labelled

A gorgeous wooden buggy  £48

£27.99 for a baby Annabel !!!

and then there is the assembling the toys on xmas eve ….how many times over the years have we done that !!!

Keeping quiet ,hoping they don’t come out of bed …trying to wrap an oversized something became our worst nightmare ….and on top of that it was the visit of santa and creeping into their rooms to leave a bag full of gifts that as you stepped carefully across the bedroom rattled and crinkled and made the biggest of noises on top of that squeaky floor board you only heard on christmas eve every bloody year  !!!!

So can we strip back Christmas ??…

perhaps we could try and make gifts that you’ve taken time over to create …cooking sticking crafting …. thats my cuppa of tea and i know not everyones cuppa, but if you can’t make and do then buy from locals or Etsy or get a friend to  create something  for you ….give the gift of friendship or time ….well actually they both come together a 2 for 1 !!!

Lets make a difference in the next 100 years …..

lets go back to old school ….lets find the meaning of Christmas…but  one that sits right with you …no more tears tantrums and sweat over the stuff that is so commercially led …..including the elaborately laid Christmas tables with extravagant individual table settings with bows ribbons bells…. candles, plastic foliage and crackers that do anything and everything bar the washing up and to finish up  glittery everything cascading over the sides of the table leaving no room for the food !!!!  ohhhh and on top of that there is  the over stuffed over flavoured turkey and the successful or not so successful new twist on sprouts nut loaf and the good old fashioned roast potatoes !!!! …..

I feel christmassy when I’m surrounded by loved ones …not  drowning in wrapping paper and i feel christmassy when the crisp fresh air makes my nose run on a wintery walk ….

I fancy a good old sing song ….maybe carol singers could make a come back  ….hmmmm an MS carol singing group next year I think !!!

I loved to see the salvation army under the glow of the street lamp …it was as exciting as the summer tunes of the ice cream van to my young ears …but the delight as my parents ushered us out onto the street I also remember ……..

simple delights like a thunder storm rolling in or a rainbow  appearing in the sky ….a bird of prey on the hillside…..this is  where the adult would be excited to be sharing a moment with you  any time of the year ….

so I’m finding me a carol concert and my crafting glue is at the ready …. but if I’ve not been seen on christmas day I may well be super glued to a pew in a church somewhere so please send out the search party !!!

merry christmas

love and light kirsten xxx


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  1. Xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😂😂😂


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