What’s your favourite colour …..

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google image instead of my horrendous kitchen!!

Mine is ….


Well when I was asked this question I couldn’t really answer it as I love so many colours and with that realised I don’t actually have a favourite!!!

I know some would have said in the mid 90’s that I loved blue and yellow ..

This was the colour of my kitchen and it was far from subtle .. The blinds were covered in bright sunflowers and the walls as yellow as buttercups … The cupboards which were a revolting melamine with dark wooden handles and bland beige fronts were wearing a thick shiny coat of royal and navy blue …..

Every inch of that kitchen screamed colour as you walked in … (i daren’t star a photo of it as its horrendous lol !!!)

We were pretty broke and it was done on a shoe string but done with love and as horrendous as it sounds now,I loved it at the time …

The colours made me happy ….

If you went into my lounge you would have seen our attractive 2 toned wall paper we inherited this look and were extremely hppy we didn’t need to decorate it… the top half covered in flowers and the bottom vertical strips and a burgundy glow filled the room we had heavy draped swags and tails at the window and dry flowers everywhere …the hallway was 2 tone blue and white strips trimmed the gold ….

you get the idea …

Our flat was an explosion of colour ….a mismatch of anything that didn’t go with anything !!!

My home now is very subtle in colour but full of precious bits and bobs …

I’m not sure any of them have a connection with my hubby but he doesn’t seem to mind…

I guess I’ve been busy bringing the outdoors indoors ….

We have a multitude of unusual shaped wooden bits, pots of shells and pebbles in most rooms, a menagerie of different sized fossils collected from the Jurassic coastline and an ever growing indoor garden of plants in interesting shaped pots everywhere ….(I still marvel at the fact I can keep them alive as in previous decades they died )

These are a collection of memories …our day trips out, beach walks and cool summer strolls through woodland gifts from loved ones at some of the most challenging times in my life … and in my home I feel peaceful …I feel safe… I feel free… I feel calm …I feel relaxed…I feel comforted …I feel at one with nature… I feel happy ….

Immanuel Kanta philosopher born in 1724 left this rather wonderful quote that :-

All perception is coloured by emotion ….

Perception is a broad term that includes a systematic process and factors that affect your mindset …..perception is also the ability to see hear or become aware of something through your senses …. Which is why perception can be coloured by emotion ….

The most meaningful emotional spoken phrase and connection to colour is

I feel blue…and is mainly associated with depression or unhappiness

So it’s said that colours such as green blue and purple often spark feelings of calmness as well as sadness and warm colours such as red yellow and orange can spark a variety of emotions from comfort and warmth I like to think of bonfire night or a cosy winter log fire to hostility and anger ….

And expression through human perception has over many years of communication spun a colourful collection of interesting words ..

It’s not always black and white

Seeing life through Rose tinted glasses

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

The green eyed monster

Green around the gills

Red sky at night

It’s a grey area

Caught red handed

Red in the face

I’ve got Green fingers

The black sheep of the family

It came out of the blue

Once in a blue moon

Tickled pink

A little white lie

Life hasn’t changed very much as far as human emotion goes because back in the 17thcentury Immanuel made as much sense then as his words do today ….

so what is the colour of your mood ..

one thing you must remember when it comes to a blue mood or a grey day is that the sun will always shine eventually and thats a fact ….

love and light kirsten xxx

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3 thoughts on “What’s your favourite colour …..

  1. ❤️❤️🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💖


  2. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    My favorite color is light blue.. the color of oceans and skies. Sort of what makes people call our planet the blue planet.


  3. Beautiful words x


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