Do you believe??

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Do you believe ??….“well believe in what ?” I hear you say …..

I want to share a few words that I found on the net whilst thinking about today’s mindful moment and when Christmas wasjust around the corner and the darkness of the winter nights the star came to mind ….

So ….. No one asks a star to shine brighter or to shape up its 5 corners and become the most perfect Crayola yellow ….No we just lie on our backs and surrender ourselves to its sky…..

Perhaps we are its stars and it lies there on the sky’s cosy big black blanket not asking us to be anything else but exactly who we are …….beautiful sparks of human life …..

We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls and nitrogen in our brains …..93% stardust with souls made of flames we are all just stars with people names !!!

so what does believing mean ….to accept was is true especially without proof ….To accept.. hold… think… conclude …hold faith… be convinced …to understand fully… have no doubt and swear by ……..

I always believed the sky was filled with millions of stars …. Well that’s entirely true !!

In fact, on a really clear night a person with exceptional eyes sight may be able to see anything from 2000 to 2500 stars at any one time ….

but the milky way has about 3 billion stars in it …so there are more than we can see … yes there are millions of stars but it depends on whether you believe in what you can’t always see ….

we know the milky way is there and sometimes we can see its faintness of whisps in the darkness and other times it seems to disappear but we don’t doubt its existence just because its disappeared from our sight ….

The lyrics to many famous love songs talk about stars and One of my all-time favourites that I used to belt out around the bedroom of one of my school pals with a hairbrush in hand was waiting for a star to fall by girl meets boy released in 1988…

I was 14 and the song was totally different lyrically to the twinkle twinkle little star sung by me 10 years earlier ….

still the awe and beautifulness that surrounded the word star in such different ways gave me an overwhelming feeling of belief strength, hope and love….. even magic ….

I will still look to the skies and see Orion’s belt and remember the lonely nights sat looking out over muscliff from my velux window wondering why life had been so harsh …. I was alone up in the loft room (most teenage kids Ideal space… but not mine ) I felt lonely shut away afraid of my future not knowing how to step forward missing my mum like crazy ……

and those stars held many of my thoughts …many of my wishes and so very much of my pain ……

It took a long time for the vastness of the dark skies to feel safe and for me to turn around my beliefs of a cruel world to something much more positive ….

When I see a star filled sky I think of it as a sky full of wishes …I love to see a shooting star ….. its magic, a little bit of hope ….a belief that “it” whatever “it” maybe will be ok …..

We live in on this planet called earth and we circle around a big ball of ridiculously hot fire next to a moon that moves our seas…..and you possibly choose to doubt or disbelieve that miracles happen …

you can find magic in the most unexpected places and one of those places is within you because you are made of the same stuff that make the stars in the sky above us….

So when you sing twinkle twinkle little star and you wonder what they are

they are you …

they shine bright like you …

they shine larger than life around us… above us… within us ….

And the one thing I know for sure is that stars can’t shine bright without darkness and the darkest of nights create the brightest of stars ….

Don’t be afraid of the dark times …difficult times or the times when desperation takes hold …..

believe in yourself and allow yourself through your life experiences to twinkle bright especially in the darkness because you never know where our light be needed ….. a sky full of stars is vast is incredible is awe inspiring in so many ways …and like those stars remember to believe in yourself and let your light shine ….

Love and light xxxx

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