Let’s talk about pooh !!

Sooooo firstly we are not talking that kinda pooh just to settle you …

Adorable cuddly pooh bear resonates with many an adult ….not just a child

I mean winnie the adorable pondering loveable bear who lives in the hundred acre wood ….

on the 18th of january it was national winnie the pooh day  ….and if you didnt know that well now you do !!

I love this adorable huggable bear and the way the stories unfold ….to a child a fun enchanting wood where all kinds of things happen  …to an adult if you listen its a book full of lessons …a different view on life and its challenges written in a way that inspires, changes thought patterns and encourages compassion, kindness and personal growth ….

one of my favourite pooh bear quotes starts with Piglet asking ….how do you spell love …..and pooh replied “you dont spell it you feel it” ..

we all know when we feel loved …a hug, kind words ,a gesture grand or small will have an emotion bubbling up connected to love….you can feel the love if love is genuinely there …if its obligatory or stiff it feels wrong, cold, false ….

Another quote I like to live by is this one …

when life throws you rainy days play in the puddles !!

What age did you stop jumping in puddles incase you got wet …getting wet is as bad as it gets and it can be really quite fun to be honest getting wet is actually easily rectified …..usually the experience willl hold a memory an opportunity to make you smile …the “do you remember when ” is guaranteed to leave a warm buzz in your heart space …if it’s been a while since you puddle jumped try it some time soon !!

What day is it ? …

thats a sentence I ask Chris regularly .. . Piglet would have replied “Its today “… and as pooh replied “my favourite day” ….I agree !!

I feel grateful for every single day ….gratitude has helped me simplify my life, gain perspective and reason with unwanted thoughts …..

A pooh quote that means alot to me and I’m sure it will resonate with you also is this …..

if there ever comes a day when we cant be together keep me in your heart…. I’ll stay there forever …

I truly believe talking sharing being honest and open with loved ones or close friends.. even that stranger, doctor or therapist can help sort out that jumbled messy mosh in the brain that is sending you crazy…..it was written in the pooh stories that When you are a bear of very little brain and you think of things, you find sometimes that a thing that seemed very thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it …. superb advice I think .I hate how big a thing can get if its held inside you spinning at great speed in the washer only to come out still as wet as when the spin started …. its wasted energy in my opinion!!

To wrap this up ….

A hug is always the right size said pooh ….

After all one cant complain ….I have my friends says Eyore…and

Things that make me different are the things that make me me said piglet

So Let’s take a stroll into the hundred acre wood …

let’s explore our personalities…

lets open our hearts and our eyes taking a leaf from this adorable cuddly bear and his friends…

Let’s use some of these famous pooh bear quotes you’ve heard today to help heal those of you who need healing …surround those of you with love that are struggling and chivvy those of you along the path of life if you’ve got to a bit of stale mate with life … and for those of you that are bumbling along with a song in your heart …sing a bit louder so others can hear….

Love and light Kirsten xxx

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1 thought on “Let’s talk about pooh !!

  1. Perfect. Xx ❤️❤️


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