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Making music …..

The first known song ever written and is called Hurrian Hymn no. 6. Originally composed by Syrians about 3400 years ago. if you listen to it how does it make you feel ??…..bored relaxed intrigued …..

music is an incredibly important part of my life ….It plays in my home to fill the silence plays in the car to keep me company …it is always played on trips out in our camper my play list on repeat for hours at a time ….anything I hear I can relate to an image almost tattooed in my mind a connection is made and a smile spreads across my face or tear falls from my eyes …  our long family drives when the kids were little saw us heading across the channel to spend our 2 week holiday in france ..the music played on those trips if I hear them now takes me back to a happy place …the car picnic the car packed within an inch of its life, the kids happy to be heading away on a family holiday  …then there was the club house song that the kids sang for weeks after …

 I knew all the words to many songs back then but now the modern music …well I don’t have a hope in hell of learning the Lyrics …for a start I don’t understand what they are saying. I may just about manage the chorus and even then half the words are terribly wrong !!!

So How often do you listen to music ??…

Music is everywhere …from the birds in your garden or the wind chime blowing about in the breeze to the radio waves sent out 24/7…. the tv theme tunes have us darting back from the kitchen a cuppa and biscuits in hand ready to plop down in front of the box and the adverts well its a jingle cleverly put together to help us remember them ….…its a form of communication ….and whatever language we speak the music unites us across the globe….

Music also plays a role in many social activities …dancing singing karaoke concerts church yoga spinning ….it’s very rare to see a runner who isn’t plugged into some kind of feel good ,keep going play list like don’t stop me now !!

some of us have made music or noise !!! ….perhaps you blew a recorder in your childhood or took up the violin at school … did you learn to play the piano or even the timbrel ….maybe you sung in some sort of choir or still do  and whether you are good enough for the stage or only capable of singing in the shower , it is dead set that music  is a wonderful language in its own right… 

Music is a mood booster …. walking on sunshine always seems to hit the radio on that first sunny day of the year when we have recognised that we have taken our coat off …when the sun finally has some warmth to it and the music and the warmth Is very much welcomed after a long cold wet winter …

 At Christmas time when we want to feel cosy and Christmassy we turn to the Christmas hits …White Christmas by Bill Crosby holds the Guinness world record for the best-selling single worldwide and when it was written we didn’t even have charts so it’s done exceptionally well and has survived the test of time .. as has happy birthday…it is said to have made 60 million dollars in its life time so far… the most any song has ever earnt ….I was also told by Chris that the way to wash your hands thoroughly and fight the corona virus is to sing happy birthday to yourself twice over ….I checked out his amazing  piece of knowledge and he was right !!!

everybody has a “go to “when it comes to music…

a genre that hits the spot …

For kids it a lullaby or a Disney singalong a nursery rhyme or a hyped up money spinning weird number like Barbie girl …

For adults it can be anything from something classic to honky tonk …perhaps rhythm and blues or soul then there is funk, grunge, house swing, salsa, heavy metal, folk, rock and roll … meditation music, chanting and hymns.

There is a good old fashioned marching band… the drums heard a mile down the road making our ears prick up holding us in the space we stand  eagerly watching and waiting as the crowds gather to see what is happening … and I’m sure we’ve all watched Morris dancers with their bells and sticks…. we’ve all stood at a bandstand to find that our toes are tapping …even a good street busker can whoo an audience and hold space to entertain us making us smile and encouraging us to cough up a few pennies for their efforts …

And without a doubt we all have a selection of songs that trigger the part of our brains that hold our precious memories …happy and sad ….the crazy dad dancing music that makes you smile or that romantic number that had you swept off your feet by your loved one ….

my house can be filled with memories of my childhood by playing songs my parents listened to …abba Fleetwood mac, the eagles ….for my kids I wonder what their go to song would be if they wanted to feel close to us again ….

And when it comes to music it’s the beat that gets us ..the rhythm …. Its expression at its best …words or no words …it still without fail connects to our emotions …

Music can motivate us …it can calm us …it can relax us, it can connect us with eachother it can excite us ….its power is endless…. 

Things can only get better was used by the labour party in the 90’s as a campaigning song …I’m sure they believed it to be true ….i was happy bopping in the clubs to d-ream until the labour party used it !!!

The legendary u2 rocker bono once said “music can change the world because it can change people…and I couldn’t agree more….

Whether it’s an upbeat track that makes you want to get up and dance or a heartfelt ballad that brings a tear to your eye, there’s no doubt that music is pretty powerful. ….

They say that you should dance as if no one were watching 

Sing as if no one was listening

And live each day as if it were your last …. 

So come dance with me …sing loud with me and promise me you will live everyday as if it were your last because nothing is promised forever ……

love and light kirsten xxx

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