hope over fear

Hope over fear by kirsten hannibal 

And so the times are changing and fear is setting in 
The world is very different and the news is really grim…

We need to take control of this and learn from such sad times 
A massive bloody mountain that we all must learn to climb… 

We haven’t seen such horror or witnessed such sad news 
The only thing I know for sure is the world feels so confused….

The world has had its dramas with famine floods and drought 

So are we all now listening ?? …well there does lie some doubt ….

Stop look and listen were words we learnt as kids 

still so very poignant but with a little twist… 

The words I think forgotten or totally ignored
Our planet 1 – humans nil is the current score …..

Stop and take in beauty …..
Look and see the mess 
Listen to the crying out the…. world is really stressed …..

‘ IT ’ will hit our loved ones, our friends and all we know…
In march I used to worry if perhaps we might get snow !! ….

It seems so very trivial the way I used to worry 
Bout time and chores and shopping …. always in a hurry ……

A new perspective needed on what we thought we knew 
Our lives need change and quickly and I hear the world shout phew !!!! ……

Tears trickle down our faces as we try to get a grip …
The fear of what the future holds…… the balance starts to tip ….

Or had it tipped already ?? and we chose to just ignore
The pleas our gorgeous planet made… and now its closed its doors?? …

It needs the time to heal well and replenish what we took 
And it’s happening already if you want to take a look …..

I feel the call of nature and the places that I love
Feels like a distant memory …but don’t forget that dove….

I story from the bible of hope and a new promise
its times like this I go there.. for I’m not a ‘doubting Thomas ‘

Nature, space and beaches…. Valleys, hills and woodland …..
all those special places ….they need our helping hand ….

Heavy hearts are pounding o’er fear of what’s to come ….

Its driving us all crazy but let’s not act so dumb …..

We’ve all been stopped on purpose… simply the planets had enough ….
We will find this difficult ,no doubt it will be tough ….

Whatever the method your choosing, however you choose to cope
We’re all in this together … so let’s not give up hope …..

If this is our one chance to start over and make that difference ….
Hand in hand we’ll get there no room for selfish ignorance ….

We start with being kind now 

We start with love your neighbour…

We start by isolation ….and protecting from the danger ….

Our country’s skilled key workers out on that front line…
really need our help now so please let’s all be kind …

let’s start the day with new hope …. not fear or cruel distress….

let’s all move forward together you will feel the planets embrace ….. 

Sometime soon we’ll hug again and blimey it’ll feel so good…..
but now’s the time to stop listen and take a look ….

please for all of humanity – I really think you should …

C u all on the other side …sending healing blessing to all isolating all those fighting for their lives and all those front liners doing such an amazing job all over the world
love and light to you all 
kirsten xxxx

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