Rainbows and unicorns, laughter and love

Rainbow and Unicorns laughter and love  ….By kirsten hannibal 

Here I find myself waiting… waiting for this storm to pass

Not really knowing how long it will stay here how long it will last ….

Tomorrow is a new day, hopeful for everyone 

A brand new day is promised come rain or snow or sun …

And what we really do know steeping up from this day forward 

is hope and gratitude, love and boundaries, those boundaries now un-blurred 

Which ever way the winds blow when this day is done 

Please know that this precious fragile life can still be wonderful, peaceful ,calm and fun ….

But has the peace just by passed us…. the fun really up and gone ??

I say “Nope of course not” the Unicorn saddled and ready to ride so we can have some fun …

It’s the way that we think and our attitude,

That will keep us happy , pick up our fragile moods…

Our lives as we knew … you think it’s torture,

The terrible corona virus and the fear of the exposure…. 

 The time I’ve spent here at home in isolation,

Has filled my soul with so much fear uncertainty and frustration ….

Walking this path and this rocky road, 

seems the worry could become such a heavy load… 

But learning through this odd experience 

 and boy I totally get that’s it’s serious ….

I’ve said before the world has finally stopped and it is crying out ….

And now we listen so intently and we have stopped to take account …..

That once we come through this and out of the other side, 

We will hold this wonderful planet with love, respect and so much pride ….

The trees …the streams and valleys wide, 

A garden full of wondrous surprise …

This is our home ….a gift we can treasure,

Let’s learn to enjoy it and at our leisure …

The way to stay sane and live through this moment ,

Is not to grieve over life’s  present postponement …

More to take each day slowly, as it comes, 

And learn who we were before this begun …..

Remove all that that no longer serves you to make your soul sing 

think what you want ,Do you really need materialistic bling??

So what makes your soul shine, happy and bright, 

To live well, love lots , feel alive …it is your human birth right …..

So that sparkly cheerful unicorn that I spoke about earlier 

 With both of us in it, the ride will be Sturdier …

So come on friends …let’s get this done, 

A new day is promised tomorrow will come …. 

 jump high up next to me …there’s plenty of room

It’s time for a trip to help your soul bloom ….. 

Rainbows and unicorn’s laughter and love …. pulling together is what I think of ….

Not chaos and pain, suffering and struggles, but hugs and contact and lots of snuggles …

We’re all in this together the boat not made for 2

but for our entire population…..

and we will in time breakthrough….

Stay strong and keep safe on this journey ….sending love to you all xxxx

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