The Bubble …

The bubble by Kirsten hannibal

I’m sat here in my bubble,

Not knowing what to do ….

I’ve crafted, baked and cleaned the house, 

 What next? I have no clue …

The days are in a muddle the weeks are dragging by, 

I miss so many things I love, my heavy heart it sighs…

This bubble I’ve created, this space I sit in daily,

Has got me through some darks times though, a space I’ve been to Lately…

I want to hold my loved ones, the ones I cannot see,

I want the life we had before when we were all care free…

This bubble that I sit in has got me in a spin,

The things I thought were needed then are now sat in the bin …

So what was so exciting ‘bout spends on pots and pans, 

New pillows for the sofa and those expensive holibob plans?…

No waiting for a birthday, stuff bought for no real reason…,

Buying for the sake of it…. and far from really needing …  

The aimless walking round the shops …the spending on ‘essentials’,

The must-have makeup, fashion, books … it really was quite mental ….

We don’t know how to do this; new habits need to form,

 This is the time to think about your views on the ‘new norm’…. 

For me it is quite simple but we mustn’t over think,

.. it is to listen to our planet and align so we’re sync….

Corona is so dangerous and we don’t know where its lurking,

The virus takes a gripping hold each life it takes… its smirking ….

Some people are still laughing at the measures put in place,

Please stop… for this is serious ,there’s so much here at stake ….

The people in the shops you know are fearful for their lives,

They’re someone’s brother, sister, mother, father, husband, wife…

The staff within the confines of the hospitals and clinics, 

Are trying to look after us… corona’s not a gimmick …

This bubble that I’m sat in will keep me from the harm,

that festers undetected beyond my peace and calm …


The choice you have is this my friends, its distance or six feet under,

   Staying in and being good …no time for foolish blunder… 

No time to be complacent and “it doesn’t apply to me”

Corona has no limits as it swells just like the sea …. 

It may just take your loved ones or it may just take yourself …

to that place of no return…. your presence just a ghost ….

That might sound so dramatic and far from your beliefs,

 but look around and see the tragic trauma and a world so full of grief …

My bubble is my safe place and you must stay in yours, 

A place to rest, read, learn new things, please let the world just Pause …..

For now, we have each other, and distance though quite hard  ,

It must be done to have the chance of dodging sad regards …..

I don’t want that to happen to my family friends or loved ones ,

So in our bubbles we must sit til corona ups and does one !!!

stay safe love and light xxxx

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