Half way through not half way done !!!

How do you perceive ageing ??

half way through or half way done ??

Is getting to each new mile stone a worry or a celebration ??

Getting old is a privilege …. every birthday is a celebration of a year passed ,a time to reflect on all the wonderful things you have achieved… a ‘well done me’ moment for all the challenges you’ve overcome and a chance to look back on all the love you have received and the love you have given ….

We often here that someone is dreading their next big ‘o’ birthday ….but as a kid we just want to grow up …13 16 18 21 all landmark celebration points of aging that they simply see as a release from the grips of ‘the parents ‘…

I’ve certainly said to my kids “when you get to 13 16 18 you can bla bla bla “…bench marks to allow a bit more freedom or a chance to express themselves ….and yes I have turned a blind eye but I’m still peeping from the sideline making sure they are safe as we all know you learn from your mistakes and that stands for what ever age you are ….

but why do we do this?? …is it control ?? is it standards ?? is it expected behaviour or is it habitual patterns the nagging voice in your head that says ” I was 13 before I got my ears pierced a coming of age teenage thing …my boyfriend needed to be my fiancé (well I was 16) before he was allowed up into my bedroom and even then we dare not partake in anything intimate !!! and how about fake ID or not 18 is the age you can drink in pubs go to clubs and vote ……

Yes there are legal requirements for some activities and we should choose to respect that but surely to raise a child grounded rounded and able to make their own calculated decisions once we have navigated the road of legal do’s and dont’s is the best way to prepare the next generation to face their life journey with all the tools they need to grow up !!!

As an adult we find ourselves reminiscing over our younger years …we giggle over the bending of truths the mischief we got up to ..the defiying the adults without getting caught !!!

And our children will do the same and their children and their children’s children !!!

So how do we change the thought patterns of aging …

I personally feel extremely privileged for every passing birthday I celebrate as my mum died aged 32…..I feel blessed for every sunrise and sunset I cherish every memory made and every huggable opportunity I am blessed to have with friends family and even strangers …

Half way through is where I’m at …miles away from half way done ….and with each passing year I change, I grow, I learn, I love and I cherish …

Getting old is a privilege and it’s not promised ….

and if there is one quote to carry you through your years …i think this is it ….

Abraham Lincoln once said ….

“Its not the years in your life that count …its the life in your years”

food for thought ….

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