isolation well what a word

The word is gruesome cruel absurd

It meaning’s lonesome long and lonely

Lockdown rules abolished

…..if only !!

So in this world of crazed emotions

a concept, belief a pile of notions

We take each day and try our best

To read and write play games or rest

Isolation really aint that bad… dont think the worst… dont feel so sad

For in the end we must stay safe

Lockdown ending why the haste??

I know we all yearn human contact

Hugs and kisses … covid hijacked

The human being needs to feel

connection has such great appeal ….

But isolation stops that human contact,

Stopping covid and its Impact….

Theres many ways to keep us sane,

Until we get to meet again …

The net is their to stay connected,

face time WhatsApp zoom selected…

Social media has taken a battering ,

but for me it sends that loneliness packing …

Guess I’ve learnt to use it wisely,

negative feelings from me is highly unlikely …

I use the tool to feed my soul,

I allow positivity to Unroll …

The way to see the world so kind,

Is to leave the trolls ,cruel posts behind …

For in this isolation madness,

There is no room for overwhelming sadness…

No need to feel abandoned, alone,

Sat in four walls that place you call home ….

Reach out to a loved one, a group or a stranger,

Keep your heart and soul safe from nasty behaviour …

Start a new hobby ,use the net as your tool ,

to broaden your senses it’s an online school …

So much to choose from to lift your spirit,

Theres so much to gain here there’s no need to Fear it ….

I took on the challenge of drawing and writing ,

And cooking and sewing and all things exciting …

Some things I failed at and some things were great ,

but no challenge i took on had a feeling of hate …

I put all my memories held in photos on facebook into tangible treasures my very own life book …

My garden though tiny is looking quite lovely,

Its blooms seem to thank me as it grows through recovery ….

The veg in the boxes I made from the net,

the cuttings and seedlings such a positive outlet…

To harvest my labour …to give away crafts ,

to look at the pictures drawn from my heart …

All done from the gusto of keeping me sane, as isolation became the new game ….

So how does the word isolation now feel ,

Is it really such a big deal ??..

To stay safe and protected til lockdown is lifted,

This time we’ve been given is time we’ve been gifted ….

So Dont feel so lonely and try stay connected ,

don’t let your soul be truly neglected…

Through positive thinking and kindness and love,

the world isolated can be like a dove …

You can sore above all of these mad thoughts and sad times ,

dont sit on your bottom there’s a mountain to climb…

Take time to reflect and find the real you,

Start that new hobby, read poems or stew …

If you chose to be stagnant and sit there and stew,

And god believe it or not I’ve been there too … .

You’ll find that you’ve twisted your soul into knots,

You’ll feel desperate and lonely, find you’re losing the plot ….

I’m not saying it’s easy and focus you must,

For in the mad moments you really must trust ….

Trust that you’re worthy and special to many,

Trust isolation its worth every penny …

Know that the net is a positive tool if used in a positive way dont be fooled …

Dont get caught up in drama, cruel words or opinions,

Try to spread love, joy and make peace your mission …

It’s also ok to just sit and be …for sometimes its needed ,

I know you’ll agree….

I’ve got caught up in scrolling… bad thoughts they were daunting ,

The fact I felt useless as I watched others soring ….

But honesty, trust… through a group of close loved ones,some of them family, old friends and some new ones…

They could see I saw struggling and reached out with persistence,

I felt that connection…… the contact consistent….

With facetime and zoom and a chat on WhatsApp,

a flick through the positive feeds and the chit chat…

My world in a bubble wasn’t so small, isolation felt good… wasnt lonely at all …

So dont let the demons of comparison or judgement from fb or instagram sit there and fester …

Could it be jealousy ? Is that the real tester …??

So ….

make those feelings redundant.Use your screen time to nourish your soul,

feed those ambitions and take back your control …..

The power to change the way that you think , lies in your heartspace , dont let your heart sink ….

When this is over and normal returns

remember your journey and all that you’ve learned …..

Isolation is grusome,cruel and absurd but flip it right over , find your soul has been stirred ….

Your soul has been woken in an unusual way … but ……I promise you this ……

it will all be ok …..

Love and light Kirsten

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