Blooming blinking marvellous a few years on …

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.”

I read this and it filled me with inspiration ….I got all excited and felt a swell of “yes lets do this” !! but quite what “do this is ” …

Well I am still pondering on that !!!

and then i read this  ….

When a seed flowers, everyone recognises its beauty.

It got me thinking about when on my life journey I bloomed hypothetically speaking !!!

When do you reckon you bloomed …or are you hidden underground wondering when its safe to pop your head up never really knowing if the timing would be right the conditions would be right the situation would be right ??
….Far too many questions stop us dead in our tracks and fear of the unknown takes hold …. 

I will share with you my thoughts because thats what I do !!! …and they are only thoughts ….my mind meandering along a questioning path …looking for that enlightenment of some kind where life makes a little sense for a short time until the next head buzzing moment !!!

Soooooooo into my headspace we go !!!

I think to be honest just like the ever changing seasons and the constant turning of our planet we ebb and flow, duck and dive, reap and sow, live and die …we buy and sell ,hoard and remove, love and hate, bitter and sweet …the list is most probably never ending but I couldn’t think of anymore when I wrote this !!!

There are a number of times in my life that I have bloomed and bloomed blinking marvellously …

There have been personal achievements where I have felt immense pride and even a bit of self worth bubbled up …

There have been moments where other peoples achievements have made my heart sing …

Delight, happiness, excitement and even fear (for yourself or others) are some of the emotions we feel …I have felt them all as you probably have too ….

I love it when my heart is literally bursting … I want to sing from the roof tops, do a jig, share the news, hug a loved one, smile until my mouth aches ….

but some moments have had my tears rolling down my cheeks surprising me at times because I didn’t see the emotion coming …. You see to love someone or something with all your heart is a wonderful feeling and yes even if the tears fall its because you Love and care ….

For me… surrounded by love is necessary because I bloom blinking beautifully if love is sprinkled over me  ….especially on a bad day ….love lifts me up ….

There were as many times where I wasn’t so chuffed with life’s pathway ….

there were circumstances that found me hiding myself away …

Like a flower at dusk I found myself turning inwards for protection from whatever I felt threatened by ….

have you notice how flowers and plants always manage to protect themselves …whatever the weather they adapt ….

and seldom if they have been damage do they not survive ….They pull from deep in their roots and start again …slow and steady …and with no hesitation for what may be waiting for them ….a coping mechanism that we to should take note of and perhaps imply to ourselves I think ….

My petals over the years have seemed scorched by the heat of a situation or harsh words and even self criticisms ….

At those times in my life I didn’t feel so inspired or proud or even alive ….I felt down trodden and totally broken ….

I withdrew back into the soil and there I sat In the darkness licking my wounds and feeling broken …

I forgot to push up toward the light….

I forgot to water myself …

I forgot I had purpose …

I forgot that I deserved to shine again…..

I forgot how to stand tall …..

but what I have learnt is that as with anything you have to nurture …..

but you have to stick at it …

When I seed goes through its process of transformation and changes from a fragile seedling to a stem of beauty or an acorn to huge gracious ancient forest tree everyone appreciates it for whatever it has to offer but it didn’t start its journey disbeliving it wouldn’t be what it needed to be …….but it did take time ….

a garden doesn’t grow overnight ….

Plant those seeds and look after them for when we nurture our soul it will bloom blinking marvellously 

Love and light Kirsten xxxx

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2 thoughts on “Blooming blinking marvellous a few years on …

  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Sometimes I feel like the luckiest man on this planet Earth alive whenever I stumble upon one of the “rarest” and most beautiful minds like Kristen’s. She amongst very few others is the reason I continue to read and write since my childhood. What she spoke here must have come from deep down of herself and how lucky is she to have the gift of writing and the courage to bloom in front of us all as the most beautiful flower 🙂 💖


  2. Natasha Richardson Aug 10, 2020 — 3:09 pm

    Wow i love how you put words together so beautifully, you paint a picture that i can see and feel and that speaks to my soul. I wish you all the very best my dear friend.
    Thank you 🙂


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