Salty toes and windswept hair

Hurst spit

Salty toes and windswept hair makes for a great weekend away for me ….it means I’ve been out and about making the most of the precious hours we get together…chris and i don’t live the high life some dream of or are privileged to have ….we have a different kinda high life ….high on living where we feel alive in nature be it forest or coastline …be it absorbed in a book or the challenge of scrabble  set before me after supper  .

When I’m away in the campervan I’m Kirsten… the Kirsten who isn’t afraid to have fun… who isn’t afraid to speak to strangers… who isn’t afraid of the challenges van life presents to a lady living with multiple sclerosis who isn’t afraid of silence as we sit together doing our own thing … but amazingly also doesnt feel afraid of the feelings rippling over and through my body simply because  if today was my last day of freedom as I stand right now then I was alive and kicking in the moment  !! (do u remember the Saturday morning fun on TV called that) for these last 24hours we’ve lived our very own man-made high life  …dont get me wrong im bloody exhausted because its hard work having fun but I’m happily satisfied with how we chose to spend the last 24hours ….

If today had been your last 24hours how would it have made you feel ?

Was it Wasted fun tiring demanding exhilarating rewarding boring compulsory…so many ways to express how your day was and all the above happen day in day out ….and every feeling your day brings about is very valid….

organising something fun can be hard work but very satisfying… organising something demanding can be draining but very satisfying… organising something  demanding or compulsory can be such hard work emotionally but once completed it can also bring about a sense of relief that its been completed so again very satisfying

Each day we are alive and kicking its another day our soul has grown …its another day we have achieved…even resting is an achievement because we have nourished our bodies prepping it to take on tomorrow’s challenges…

So I maybe out and about doing stuff that some think is crazy or maybe even not their ‘cup of tea’..van life may make you envious because of the freedom it creates for us… it may make you feel happy to see me doing my best in my current situation …..whatever it makes you feel to see me or others doing remember that you are in charge of each day you live and anything is possible if you believe it can happen ….

take a leap of faith …

try something new …

step out of that comfort zone ….

we did …

we had no choice but to start living because ms is biting at our heals …mine because its physically attacking me and the family because they too are on my journey watching every time I fall hypothetically speaking and making sure I don’t stay down for too long that in its self is a draining as ms is … maybe this devastating disease has made them look differently at life …..

They too are dragged along in the current I bob along in …They to know how precious each and everyday we are blessed to live is …

It breaks my heart knowing they see me struggle,they see me fighting the beast and see me cry with frustration fear and pain…..

So when life throws you a whopping big slap its a massive wake up call,a realisation that time is short unpredictable and precious…and tgat it can and will change direction as often as the wind does…

So why wouldn’t you want salty toes and windswept hair …its free, its exilerating and its worth it ….

Brings a sense of purpose being here

Love and light to you all

Love kirsten xxxx

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1 thought on “Salty toes and windswept hair

  1. Beautiful words, as always. X


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