Friends …..

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Friends …..

Friends friends …

what can you do with your friends ?

Walk a dog read a book

Catch a  ball or we could cook 

Ride a horse and paddle in the sea

Maybe you can come play with me 

We can jump we can run

Playing with my friends is lots of fun…

So where do these words come from ?? well its Mr tumble …he’s colourful and bright, a real presence when he’s on the screen acting…

He’s the kind of person that as an adult irritates the hell out of you ..yet you know the words and sing along if you happen to pass the room where a toddler is immersed in moment   …

Through his many series he’s teaching young children to care and share, to show compassion… he teaches them to dance and sing, how to enjoy nature. He teaches them to be inquisitive and to simply enjoy yourself ..

He makes little one’s giggle with the simplest of silliness …he’s not afraid to step out of the comfort zone of adultness ….

How do you behave generally?…Is there still a child in you either released happy and fed regularly with happiness or locked away desperate to play ??

 Do you find it easy to spread happiness, act daft or burst into random song …

when was the last time you rolled down a hill or thought you may want skip down a street …what about that hand-stand  (hmm that’s a “ no from me”… not because I can’t but because my knickers will be on show ..and if you believe that I can do a handstand then …ha ha ha  wink wink !!! !!) 

when was the last time you hola hooped or grabbed that skipping rope… There’s skimming pebbles or catching minnows …building a sandcastle and the make and do and messy craft that doesn’t matter if your project is falling apart and looks nothing like you thought it should!!!

….I know many of you have done most of these things , but as an adult  probably  only when a little poppet is holding your hand …you see for some reason having a child present  gives you permission to let the restraints of adulthood go and lets your inner child out ….

So back to friendship because all of the above is so much more fun with friends or loved ones …can you recognise that spending time with the different people in your life brings out a different person from within you?

I was lucky enough to be taught how to create meaningful deep rooted friendships from an early age… Sadly Maybe the death of my mother had a lot to do with this …I had a desperate need to feel wanted and a need to be loved …but we all search for this don’t we ?

it’s not unusual to want these things …

so it’s time to open up that spotty bag and pull out the child in you ….

We’ve been singing and dancing all of our lives …

They say 

dance as if no one were watching…

love as though you’ve never been hurt 

sing as though no one can hear you 

and live everyday as if it were your last …

if you sing as you go about your daily business it can alter your mood totally … you could play music to match your mood and sing along but as Spotify changes the rolling tunes you will find the words and beat have lifted or calmed your soul..  music is medicine for the mind  ..…

if you dance it triggers a chemical called endorphins and that triggers positive energy and good vibes so basically dancing is your cure for happiness….

Love no matter what form it comes in reduces anxiety and lowers the chance of developing depression or another form of mental illness…if we love or are loved we heal quicker ( that magic kiss we were given as kids comes to mind here )…we are less likely to feel pain and we can lift others by showing we care enough to love them.

Love is your cure for many things… 

And living everyday as if it were your last …… goodness if we knew this was our last day what would we choose to do  ….

Me…. well it would be all of the above …just like Mr tumble does!!! 

so in these unprecedented times when confusion over rules sadness over restrictions and the simplest of things we love doing changed for the unforeseeable future ….you can still be a friend present in someones life where you bring love and worth to someone else’s life …

dig deep in your bag and find the tools to help yourself and your friends through… keep spirits high ,keep communication channels open, have fun, smile and spread compassion

love and light

kirsten xxx

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