Me right now…

So as I was pottering about the other day the oddest thing happened…

I had a call from heaven…I’ve been having some weird stuff going on right now and right now is what I want to talk about …. I became aware that songs that have meaning were playing more often than I’ve ever noticed before ….the media gently nudging the past under my nose ….and wafting the future past my subconscious…I was getting messages from the weirdest of places ….

is it my sixth sense kicking in ?….

As life returns to that new norm even though the pandemic is far from over I return to a new way of thinking as I brave the abyss …..

maybe not a new way of thinking I mean I’ve done so much bloody work on my mental state of mind but there’s always a ‘but more can be done’ and I’ve spent lockdown jigging those thoughts around ….

i know now that I am on a path made especially for me and however hard however lonely however challenging it feels at times … I can do this….

nobody can walk my path for me …I’ve walked many emotional miles with some people joining me some people trying to influence me some hurting me and some loving me unconditionally….

MS is a lifelong condition, it’s rarely fatal (well death is usually because of complications due to your ms) but most people with MS live about as long as everyone else its just tge brain suffers shrinkage and the lesions batter your ability to do what is the norm for a human body whatever your age . It’s not infectious or contagious so it can’t be passed on to other people. There’s no cure to stopping MS, it’s a disease that will stay “in” you for the rest of your life.but there are many ways you can choose to use in the hopes of slowing the progression down …a race against disability…..

The symptoms of a nervous system problem depend on which area of the nervous system is involved and what is causing the problem. Nervous system problems may be degenerative (occurring slowly) and cause a gradual loss of function, or they may be acute (occurring suddenly) and sometimes causing life-threatening problems.

How do you live with such a condition …how do you stay sane in the moments that bring about a darkness that is difficult to shake off ?..

For me its living in the moment …

we can all do this whatever is challenging you right now…

living in the past traps you ..

living in the future exhausts you…

but living in the present grounds you ….

Its ok to make plans or have a sense of direction but if you concentrate on this you will miss the wonders of the “now”..

if you live in the past you’ll miss the wonders of now”…..

Sitting in the awe of right now brings about that sense of belonging ,clarity and control ….its not an easy process to practise …our minds wander the pathway of the past usually searching for answers ….

Our mind also races forward usually frantic as we try and navigate towards a future we long for ….

This is real life and both the future and the past shape us but they shouldn’t consume us …because again you’ll miss the here and now …

Drink your coffee while its still hot …

Listen to the words of that song playing on the radio …

Fold your washing taking in the wonderful smell of fresh washing…

Feel life holding you in the moment of right now ….because right now is all we have its all that we are promised and its all that we seem to forget to embrace…

Let the ‘right now ‘ bubble through your blood… be aware of the here and now and all it has to teach you …

Love and light to you all stay present its a gift we seldom remember to open xxxxx

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