Making lemonade

So they say when life throws you lemons make lemonade… thats easier said than done sometimes …

If I think about whether I could actually make lemonade the answer would be yes Yes YES … simply because the quanity of lemons thrown my way were plentiful over the 45 years i’ve spent on this planet …

I sit for a while and ponder thinking about my journey so far the ups the downs the happiness and sadness the troubles and strife it has dished out …..

sometimes I navigated my way through bucket loads of the beautifully waxed and brightly coloured yellow buggars ….. some of the lemons unfortunately were too hard to stomach ..yet I found my mouth open sucking on the fruits that were forced upon me ….I had no choice but to take them ..unripe and ridiculously bitter …

no use to me really ….is that sour lemon….or so I thought

others were tough skinned or shrivelled up way past their sell by date ….again no use to me really

and some hadn’t even got to an edible stage, blown from the tree in a storm or battered from their branches by heavy rainfall yet again i thought those lemons were of no use to me …..

Those rather nasty lemons I tried desperately to toss to one side in the hopes they would rot down out of sight eventually leaving no trace of their existence….

well they were very much present in my life finding their way into my lemonade …

for me, to push them away hidden from sight was never going to happen that was just wishful thinking or blind ignorance …why would i need a dodgy lemon to make lemonade ….

I found digesting some lemons painful exhausting and even messy…

I wish I had known sooner in my life that adding sugar to the mix sorted that bitter taste out in an instant…but like anything you make from scratch its a learning curve and after many years of trying I think I’ve finally found the perfect lemonade recipe …

and oh my what a slog it has been but that makes the taste even better….

some times the first go at making that lemonade turns out amazing yet another time its a total disaster….just because you’ve made the perfect lemonade once doesn’t mean you can do it again …and without that overly sour dodgy batch of fizz we don’t learn right ?? ….

So now you know where I am going with this lemonade analogy let me take you on my lemonade journey ….my lemonade factory in full swing pips piff and all …..

Chapter 2 …

When I was little I loved nothing better than a snowball …and not the cold compact mass we throw with glee in the winter months …i meant the special drink i was given at christmas …And no my parents weren’t reckless they were clever !!

let me set the scene for you….its christmas day back in the 80″s and life was good …

Christmas arrived year in year out and with each passing year a new treat was set before me …..

one year it was being able to watch my grandad carve the meat through the hatch that devided the dining room from the kitchen… I knew I was getting older when I was allowed to do this …another year it was handing the gifts out to all the adults in my best dress……

A few years earlier it was getting to keep the cracker gifts and the after eight papers which served as an excellent ‘keep them all safe’ vessel as I carried them into the lounge entertaining me and my sister for hours as the adults danced played games and chatted into the early hours ..

Little did I know that crawling around on the carpet under the extended table that seated about 10 of us was a clever ploy set by my nanny …I was busy picking up the colourful hats, some broken, some screwed into egg sized balls that had been launched across the table during dinner and some still intact .

There were bits of tinsel glistening on the crazy swirly green and blue carpet from where my sister and I had paraded to the table draped in a multitude of colourful tinsel and tree glitter looking like Christmas fairies .

The toilet rolls sat broken in half caught on the chair legs and scattered about the floor,they no longer lay proud on the table….only an hour or so before they were part of the pretty christmas spread and as we all bundled into the dining room to find our seats it wasn’t long before crackers were banging whilst everyone crossed arms and pulled them bickering over how to cross your arm properly ! …this festive custom lead to a “you’ve got my cracker bits ” uproar ,the bickering continued the adults squabbling sibling rivalry at its best…old and young alike…..

There was also the odd unexploded cracker snapper scattered amidst the crappy plastic cracker gifts …. I so desperately wanted to pull them but was afraid of the bang without the protection of the cracker my mum always said be careful … so even now as an adult I am reluctant !!

funny what sticks with you …

My sister and I actually served as the glorified child clean up crew after dinner and my goodness we were eager .. I know nannys ploy now only because I caught myself encouraging my kids to hunt under the table for all the bits after our family christmas dinner … but do you know what I don’t have a problem with it because we left the table with all our treasures that served to entertain us for the next 2 days …There was the waving fortune fish, the tiny pack of cards, the thimble, the cosmetic mirror ,a plastic paperclip, a stupid black mastouche that either pinched your nose or fell into your dinner depending on how big or small your nostrils were and a number of jokes that the adults groaned at when the punch line was delivered …..

So I’m aged 8 9 and 10 …and at the age of 10 and with the lemons I’ve been thrown these past 4 months I’m allowed a really special treat…

The famous snowball with a cherry on a cocktail stick precarously bridging the devide of frothy fizz was a delight for my young eyes to see ….a real 80’s Christmas treat …..but it wasn’t the real McCoy not for me I MEAN REALLY A 10 YEAR OLD AND BOOZE WASNT THE RIGHT MIX !!…. I had a dollop of ice-cream in a long slim glass covered in lemonade …yep lemonade !!! and it tasted gorgeous ..a creamy fizzy grown up children’s drink that made me feel special and I even got a cherry on a stick…. ….

If we could start over would you know how to make lemonade??

What has happened in your life that has without you knowing given you that perfect recipe to bottle up the best lemonade made to date ….even my dodgy lemons have been used ….thats the magic of life …..

Lemonade made with quality time leading to moments of nuture and made with love …

Love and light


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