interior or exterior …what do you see…

Thankyou Pinterest the most powerful story is yours ….

you can just be yourself …that is enough…did you know that ??

if people love you …you will build your tribe of people that have gravitated towards you through simply being genuine transparent honest and kind .

people come and go in your life and that is fine …every random meet every deep and meaningful friendship that relationship with someone that stretches back decades ,a marriage

failure is what makes you ….all experiences in our lives gives you value

interior design is actually all about what goes together on the inside of say your home , but lets switch it around bit ….what does the interior of your soul look like …mine looked a bloody mess for years …old ‘suff’ laying around …clutter piled on top of it occasionally exposed as i rummaged through looking for something totally not connected to what I brought to the surface on my hunt ….never a good moment I must say …i always ended up in more of a ‘mess’ than I had anticipated

so exterior design is something you do to the outside of something ….even to yourself ….but what we see on the outside isn’t always whats going on in the inside ….

beauty is skin deep …i know that now

the soul is what emanates true beauty ….

people should love you no matter what you own or look like ….but in the 21st century commercially we are channelled into a thinking process of the exterior rather than the interior …

you won’t find a mindfulness advert on the tv because unless you are buying blurb its only you working on yourself that works and that is free to your pocket ….

no cost involved in self help ….

but we are lazy ..we want a quick fix with a magic wand…and we we realise that its time and effort we need to put into ourselves we lose interest …

I’ve learnt that True happiness comes from fulfilment and purpose and that is what we spend most if not all of our life searching for …. The thing is fulfilment and purpose are never far away as they live within us and our life journey shapes how we see our fulfilment and purpose ….

I had a 80 year old say to me “I’m just existing …i have no purpose now’ …but it was easy for me to see that she gave purpose to others on an emotionally scale …

the people who reach out to her on a daily basis to help her have a purpose because of her …they are helping her which makes them feel good and that is purpose …it may have changed from what she once perceived as purpose …her children are now in the 60’s her husband sadly passed away and she rattles around in her empty home with only her memories …..but it didn’t take her long to see that she is helping them feed their soul and that is still purpose …

A new pair of shoes a new haircut a night out on the town doing what costs a fortune is great in the moment but its short lived …

long term joy comes from within …

so set yourself a challenge and spend time by yourself ….have a peaceful moment to gain true perspective …

when acting on emotion in a hurry is never a good idea …they say stop look and listen when you cross the road so how about using the same process when you are challenged emotionally ….

when searching for your purpose think about the feeding of your soul …will it make your heart sing ,make you feel good and keep you on a path that is balanced emotionally and physically …whether you commit to something long term or short term a weekly commitment or that one off …as long as it makes you feel good then that is the right thing to be doing ….

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