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An amazing song that I fell in love with written by nahko…its a song that gets my heart singing my soul buzzing and my feet tapping . I heard this last year in Bristol as he sang it live… This man has fed my soul on many occasions. My ability to feel the emotions connected to his words hitting me on so many levels and it is incredible…but the words are his story his struggles his thoughts and they are really powerful …and for me I can hear him ….different journey by miles but the same emotions are felt ……

So what does take your power back mean to you in these strange times of isolation shielding working or whatever this covid journey has and is taking you on.

In the 11 weeks (nearly 12 weeks yipppeeee go me ) of the initial lock down I saw 8 people from a distance on the driveway passing by, with a big blow of a kiss and a virtual hug…. A few beautiful gifts have arrived with kind words of encouragement and positivity through my letter box and seed swapping and compost grabbing was the new trend…..The craze for obsessive loo roll stocking and the lack of fresh fruit in the isles was finally behind us or so we thought …(old habits die hard hey )!!

Life in lockdown for me did change although I’ve spent time telling people I was already used to this strange technique because MS stopped my life isolating me from the life i knew and that happened overnight just like the wake up call you all experienced this year ….Im not the only chickadee that has had their life flipped upside down …I don’t have the answers for all on how to cope with it when it does happen but i do have my story to share to help if i can those who need it ….

The way I wanted my life to be was long gone as I lay sobbing in my hospital bed worrying about the swelling in my brain …the plans I had in my head for the weekend were never coming into fruition nor was anything for the next 3 months ….apart from fighting to get upright ….

The biggest thing that changed for me as lockdown took hold was the fact that all my little things I did to remind me what day it was promptly stopped……no scrapstore no Kingfisher Barn no swimming no visitors and all the things that I put off because tomorrow was still promised were laid to rest because I couldn’t get any of the things I needed to produce a finished Project on many levels……

First of all frustration crept in followed very quickly with boredom ….then worry as I sat glued to the 5pm broadcasts .. that was stopped quite quickly because the anxiety levels were rising with each chart shown ….the news reporters were starting to annoy me with pointless questions asked in the Hope’s of tripping up the trio they were trying to be honest and open to the uk listeners…..maybe boris should have been allowed to say “you are screwed if you dont follow our guidelines its simple “…and perhaps he now wants to say “I told you so”

Then he took drastic action along with most of the world …. isolation hit big time but with a twist because for the walls of my house that rattle rock and roll on a normal weekday between 6.30 am and 6pm were making new noises and noises I didn’t recognise ….Chris and Tom were sent home and a new way of daily living began …

“Please guys dont fill the washing up bowl with your things after I’ve done It …..” first rule…

I dont want to hear “I’m bored ”


” get your face out of the food cupboard god knows when we will get there again ” was my second voiced rule…..

And my third rule was “entertain yourself …and yes I’m ok… I do this every bloody day I don’t need entertaining ….get used to it” !!!

So I started a puzzle and Chris eventually joined me…..

and then the Sun came out and the puzzle when under my sofa and there remained until the rain came back which is now !!! and its not how I left it …bits are broken and the edges are hanging off the board ..can I be bothered to start again ..well not really bit like covid, the job wasn’t done properly and now I’ve got to work a bit harder to correct tit all just like we do with covid … …

We have been so ridiculously lucky that throughout the lockdown and the vastness of such bleak times across the world and close around us that the sun chose to shine …guess that’s one way that our souls have been fed and with the sunshine came that a gift of time and time that was always there …we were able to actually sit and watch a season change ….

spring arrived in all its glory …..magnificently colourful and the birds ….I didnt know we had so many around us because the traffic noise is normally all I hear …

I now sit in my garden and i strain to hear the birds over the traffic ..All my beautiful flowers have turned to seed and the masses of green leaves are turning ready to drop …

This is Autumn …

Autumn already!! ….

But the year stopped back in the spring!! ….

Well life stopped the way we used to know it back in spring but the world kept turning and the seasons have continued to turn month by month ….

The air has a chill to it …the rain has a cold sting to it and the wind bites when it blows ……

Winter is around the corner and with it comes fear …fear of covid and its uncertainty.. fear of isolation lockdown and the lack of freedom….it comes with a fear for ourselves and our loved ones …..and we should be fearful but with a strong fighting attitude …

Some people think that covid is a faff ….mask wearing is a faff …hand sanitising is a faff ,but its pretty serious stuff and we should not be taking this lightly ….

43’000 deaths in the uk alone and its still rising is serious stuff …We study the black plague and other pandemics from the past with interest so why the flippant attitude right now ??? This is history in the making and some of us look like right old arrogant misinformed plonkers !!

We haven’t lost our power… we can take our power back ,but its all about understanding respecting and looking out for each other ….

Human compassion is priceless it doesn’t have to be a connection that shows we care ….remember all the ways we came together back in march …that was powerful …

as with everything i believe in …if all small things are done with great love then that is massive ….

thats how we take our power back ….

love and light

kirsten xxx

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