A reminder of how far we’ve come …

Side by side every step of the way

This is a fb post that popped up on my memories today…..so i thought I’d share it….you see the mountain may seem so very large but chip away step by step and you will conquer i promise…..

Little update my dear friends …..

My god I have felt over the last few weeks although i will add always through smiles that my heart has been ripped out of my chest ….

I don’t like change ,upheaval ,uncertainty…and i know I’m not the only one who feels like this when enormous change is happening around them ….
As you know lots has gone on and still is going on …
Reckon we are reaching the top of this rather exhausting steep mountain but I’m still standing ( please burst into song with yeh yeh yeh ) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Later today I have our carer /patient injection education at Poole hospital with my Ms nurse Cheryl…..

So change is on the cards treatment wise and
My boxing gloves are on with my eyes shut tight ..

I hate needles๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ lol

So thats today but I have more to tell you all and its a miracle I feel ….the tide is turning as they say ….I’m not ferling so stuck in porridge !!

I’ve worried about selling… holding onto possibly other people’s expectations of selling a home in the months running up to Christmas..

” god why now you’ve got enough on your plate…. it’s a quiet time of the year ….nobody goes on the market til Easter…..goodness how are you going to find somewhere? we can’t see anything you’d like ….” etc etc…..

Well I’ve slowly packed stuff up realising that half the boxes stacked like the tower of Pisa in the old salon I’ve not actually gone back too in over 6 weeks so do I really need what’s in them?….

I’ve done a boot sale to clear the loft crap with my father-in-laws help as Chris had become a little drained and had picked up a sickness bug (thats so not Chris at all to be ill)

The shed is still to be sorted ,yet I think I’m banned from there…

Its a man thing !!!

He was sad I’d already dismantled his ‘man draw’ one day when he was at work ….

So to the question asked of me …

” where’s the bla bla bla ” whilst his head is almost wedged under the work top reaching into the depths of the space behind the unit where things seldom return …there is stuff spilling out onto the floor ….

Me not daring to confess answers ….” I haven’t seen it in ages love” !!!

Whoops shame on me….

what’s crap to me is his treasure I guess ..

Anyway I’ve been putting out the stops with positive thinking…..

The cloud has gotta have a silver lining at some point surely ? …

Its been a gruelling 9 months and I’m a tad pissed off now with this kinda ‘stale mate’ situation ….

so universe ,god , light..wherever i felt I could pull strength from ive been asking for help ….

My goodness my jigsaw pieces are dropping into place ….

Back at the end of september we viewed a bungalow…
we made an offer once tom had seen it …..

The offer was refused on the grounds that we weren’t in a position to proceed as we weren’t on the market …..
cheeky us but it was worth a try …u see we fell in love the moment we walked through the door….

We pulled out all the stops … financial advisor on board and estate agent in the wings also we set to task as a 5 piece family unit ….

We cleared the garden, did umpteen tip runs,cleaned ,painted and moved Naomi and Mark out into their first home together …

It was fun,sad, emotional and exciting all at the same time ….

So we’ve been on the market 6 weeks weve had 9 viewings and 2 lots of 2nd viewings ….

And on …..(drum roll please )

Tuesday morning after negotiating we sold our family home ….

I always believe that the universe has my back …
I’ve been blessed with (although a bumpy ride through life) the ability to see why and how and look past to brighter days …..

So this is where I’m blessed…

The bungalow we viewed twice in Sept was still on the market …..and Our buyer is a cash buyer with no chain …

how lucky are we hey !!

I viewed the bungalow for a third time yesterday and made an offer that same morning ….

After bartering she excepted our offer and is happy to move out into rented or in with her partner so there is no chain her side either ….

So a chain free sale from both parties involved and an amazingly top heavy blessed opportunity to move in the new year for a new path and the next chapter …..

We couldn’t be happier…..we are still grinning like a pair of Cheshire cats!!

So when we get my decks out of the loft next week it will be the last time they go up here in these 4 walls and they will never sit in this loft space again …..

Change is ok ….

There was no point in hiding and hoping this year’s situation would disappear….

We had to get a grip and gain back control so instead we chose to embrace it warts and all and with a positive mind set we beat the odds and sold chain free ….

So fingers crossed as its early days ……

So this week is an exceptional week ….

It was going to be a difficult one what with meeting to discuss my future path the progression and injecting to extend the time frame to various disabilities, but it now sits glistening around the edges with silver……

every cloud and all that jazz hey !!!

Remember a positive outlook and positive thoughts will always undoubtly lift the soul…. we can do anything if our mindset is positive ….

I promise .

Lots of love to all of you …kirsten xxx

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