Why is it that people feel Christmas has been cancelled ….I do get it …I do feel saddness and compassion for the plans unravelling before your very eyes ….

People are freaking out that all their plans hardwork and commitment to one day have been ruined …..maybe its because the media is fuelling that emotionally connected fire ….or maybe your family has started an emotional Mexican wave and you’ve joined in not thinking about the bigger picture …..

I haven’t seen one post yet on fb that isn’t full of anger disappointment or frustration over tier 4 ….or the rule changed from 5 days of do what you want to 1 day only !! …

Still the government said only if you must ….many choosing to pick apart the stark warnings of what covid may do

My heart feels the fear that some must have felt as the announcement trapped them in an area where covid is running rife …..

I cant imagine the fear some must have  felt as the slides were shown and the explanation of the speed at which this strain takes  sunk in …….

Boris said he understands that people invest alot of emotion into this one day ….

I couldn’t agree more but the emotion connected to the loss of a loved one lasts an eternity ….

The organisation of a funeral, the clearing of a home and the will reading ….

the understanding and doing all the legal requirements of probate …

the clearing of your loved ones belongings from a home that brings back so many memories  …..even those Christmas gatherings you hold dear to your heart . .. .

The emotional support that the people left behind will undoubtedly need for a very long time as shock sadness anger frustration guilt unspoken words left hanging in the air ripple through their thoughts day in day out forever ….planning a funeral where you choose who can and can’t go …..

These are tough at the best of times but during a world wide pandemic…..

I can only imagine how hard this has been for the relatives of over 60’000 deaths so far …..

The loved ones left behind  as covid takes their nearest and dearest have experienced all the above already …

They can’t meet with their loved ones this year or any other year …only in their hearts …   in their memories ….in their dreams …

The delay in action has been slated over the last 10 months yet when parliament does step up to do the right thing its wrong .. 

The choices made by Parliament have been slated over the last 10 months …the “you Should have done    bla bla bla ”  when they step up are met by “why have you done that” !!

People’s “freedom of “whatever they feel passionate about  have been marched out across the nation for many different reasons …..masks worn ..not worn… 2meter rulings of distance falling by the wayside ….

Businesses have gone under …

Jobs lost by the 1000’s….

Toilet roll battles in supermarkets….

Food shortages

Schools open then closed… exam results predicted .  

Planeless skies and cruise ships harboured ….

Mental health conditions soaring … 

Families left broken as the toll of covid too much to bear ….

The bigger picture is that the country is in crisis…..not because Christmas is cancelled (by the way its not ever cancelled !! Its just your interpretation of Christmas that has been forced to  change for just 1 year )

I will return to Boris and the one statement he made during yesterday’s speech  that sat within my heart all night as my thoughts festered into me blogging this morning … ..  

“That people invest a lot of emotion into this one day” …..

But the death of a loved one and the emotion felt through loss will overspill  this Christmas for many….

That beautifully wrapped box under the tree only represents sadness through loss this year … a void in presences …not presents ….

It can be  dressed in ribbons and bows to look appealing….trying to bring about the season of celebration joy and goodwill (we all know a gift brings joy) ….

But the best gift we can all hope for is our health ….the gift of life or the chance to stay safe… that  is the best present we can be given this year …

and Boris gave it …

he didn’t tinsel it up .. there was no bells bows or ribbon and it wasn’t coated with sugar .  We knew if we are all honest that it was coming . 

Perhaps  choosing to ignore the warning signs …

Grief cannot be dressed to look pretty it cannot be contained in that box wrapped in ribbons and bows …   

So don’t feel sad  frustrated or angry for too long …that’s not the season of goodwill …hold those near to you blessed to be under your roof a little tighter this year and look forward to celebrating whenever you feel it’s right to celebrate life, family or  community and that can be any day of the year ….(im expecting the Xmas jumpers to be out in theheat of the summer ) for celebrating the true meaning of Christmas…the birth of jesus …that is the 25th December and that won’t ever change …..

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