An hour well spent

So an hour well spent or 2 or three is what I call rummaging in rags !!

They say rags to riches and that saying is so true …

I have always found a charity shop or a jumble sale so much fun …the bargains you find ,the excitement of the hunt and the reward of feeling ecstatic that you have something someone had no value for in there life now proudly sitting in my possession for a tiny amount of pennies they would have originally paid for it ..

With many of us facing hardship and uncertainty when it comes to the financial situations we find ourselves in, shopping seems to pick us up …but the buzz is short lived …..

in the 90’s i fell for the big spends …a moment of excitement followed by a few years of paying it back …not the best way to pick yourself up ….a car on finance a sofa on hire purchase …. these types of spends were never a good move …

Then i started to find i was drawn into a taste for old stuff….I’ve collected many interesting items over the years my house full of old things that have a wonderful story behind them ..those stories I can only fabricate as there is no story when you pick something up from a junk pile …but the story starts with you taking it home and loving it !!

Like a scar on the body you can encourage into your story, a bigger, better more impressive story if you dare …for me I fought pirates on board a ship far out in the sea… the smugglers wanted blood and they went for my throat ….lol I actually had a thyroidectomy!!!

I have a taste for anything natural…. many tangible items full of texture…clay,stones ,wood,plants in every room ….nothing matches and I dont do bling its more of a “bring the outside in” kinda home and many items I have collected from the jurassic coastline or the new forest and a stone with a hole in it …well every plant pot is brimming with these types of stone …

Fossil wildflower driftwood treasures from a walk on the jurassic path …

because I walk looking at my feet I see a different view to many and it is fruitful in a different way …..

I found an old smartie lid on a woodland walk with the letter K on it …I cant even remember how long ago plastic lids stopped being made but to find one embedded in a muddy bank and it have my first initial of my name on it was so exciting lol …

One of the weirdest things I’m collecting is spoons !!

When I was getting past the emotional and physical implications of multiple sclerosis I was given one of the most important bits of advice ever ….

The spoon theory brought about an understanding for me and others on fatigue management and energy levels ….I have 12 spoons a day..

2 spoons taken for showering dressing brushing my teeth and preparing for the day

1 spoon for thinking about my plans for the day

Driving …well that can take 1 to 8 spoons depending on so many factors it light or dark bright with sunshine or head lights from cars?…

is it raining, is there alot of traffic …am I driving somewhere that is unfamiliar creating a wave of anxiety ?

planning preparing cooking serving a basic meal …..4 spoons !!

Can you see how the over spends on spoons can cause me massive issues as I plan my day with blips causing waves of exhausting moments where I cant think stand or even move, hanging like a wet lettuce ,completely useless to man and beast friend or foe until I rest up or find another spoon !!

Thats where over 4 years I’ve found 4 spoons ..a wooden one at chapmans pool …

A teaspoon in the soil of my garden …and not ours

A metal battered spoon at portland bill

And an entire wall up a steep stairs in a cafe in Winchester displaying a redicously large amount of spoons to spur me on as I climbed my way to a beautifully served poached egg and salmon breakfast before tge challenge of the Winchester Christmas Market!! How apt hey !!

To some, my odd collections mean nothing…to others who know and understand me that precious treasure is precious to you too …..

everything has a story …..and if you don’t know its history then let its story begin again in your possession ..

….An hour well spent is that hour doing what you love ….

Make that hour part of your story in a way that nurtures ,excites and feeds your soul ..

you won’t ever get that hour back so what you gotta lose ?

a spoon or two in energy….?

Well if you are like me you will find the spoons you need in the most unusual places….and that is the magic I feed from ……

Love and light

Kirsten xxxx

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