A blow or a blessing ?

Well I’m hearing more than not that people are wanting to get back to normal right now and thats totally understandable, but normal is what got us here in the first place…

so what needs to change ?

We could look at our relationships with eachother animals and our planet …..but thats a huge tick list to work through ….so through my covid experience I looked at starting with me …..

Who was I pre covid ..and who am I now ?

What has the turmoil pain fear and confusion brought about ?

Asking the daily question of “am I happy or sad” was a wishy washy vague somewhat waste of time trying to work out the expression behind my emotions ….

Its a restricting question because there are many more emotions that we feel …

There are many more descriptive words that express how we are feeling and because we narrow it down to happy and sad we have lost the ability to look deeper into what our soul is really trying to tell us ….

Do you feel Connected or disconnected from your world, the world you created for yourself through the 21st century influences?

Has this period of time left you not knowing who you really are ,covid leaving you stripped bare, left vunerable as the shrouds of materialistic stuff is stripped away? …

ask yourself this…

is it a blow or a blessing ?

Every now and then a feeling of wanting what is familiar bubbles up , the restrictions of lockdown keeping ‘It’ just out of reach and that can cause the oddest of feelings …

tangible is no longer touchable …the words that are our norm are these …is it essential, is it necessary ,stay safe ,save lives …. If you knew where your enemy was would you walk straight into its pathway on purpose just to see what might happen? ….

i think not !!

So are you your own worst enemy ? Can you flip that frown upside down and smile as you search out the new you ?

the soul is waking …a new feeling is bubbling its way out of your heartspace if you are strong enough inquisitive enough and brave enough to investigate what the new you might look like 12 months from now ?

Because the starting of such a journey is unfamiliar you may misinterpret the feelings as fear …an extreme panic of not knowing what is around the corner settling in to soul search cam be daunting and sometimes you may find you want to run and hide ,completely shut down or simply break down …..

however you choose to see an investigation into who you are after any challenging period of your life it can be changed into a positive and that goes for even the most traumatic experiences we may have to come or already have been through so far …. …. I would choose neither a shut down or break down…I may well run but only for a few seconds….I believe a challenge is more of an opportunity for rebirth ….

I mean this change in a sense has been forced upon us ….covid has made the entirety of the world find new ways to engage in absolutely every way and everything we once knew ….. but rather than loss can you see it as rebirth …I know some will find this concept hard to swallow because a loss is one of the biggest mountains to climb emotionally it is one of the deepest Wells to climb out of if you are sat at the bottom …

I’ve lost a great deal in my life but have gained a whole lot more because with each tragedy I find a new found strength …

each story line linked with one from the past …looking back ohhhh boy no no no … not a good idea at all,but looking forward with experience drawn from those times a firm yes yes yes ….

If you sit quietly in a comfortable position and breathe for a moment what from the subconscious pops into your mind? ….

NB dont do it for too long or the monkey chatter will start and that noise is very overwhelming ….just take the very first thought and work with it .. I do …and tgen after a quiet focused time I react or retract but if its the latter its because I’ve let it go …and if its to react then its to be done with compassion ….that being said this will be my next blog btw so watch out for it

With heart felt love to those who have lost a loved one to covid ,to those fighting covid right now and to all those who are working in a bid to help others in so many ways ….

Love and light

Kirsten xxxxx

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