The ride of your life..

When the world is in chaos control what you can ….sounds easy right !!

In any normal circumstances that we’ve managed to pull through post covid we’ve survived …

You may have got stuck in the mud but you got out then so why not again …

it may have been a mentally exhausting journey or a physical slog but you’ve made it ….perhaps with a different outcome to what you had hoped for …

For better or for worse the direction in which the journey took you had an outcome that you needed to experience for personal growth however unfair or harsh confusing or bewildering it may have seemed ….

Even if those experiences were excruciatingly painful unfair and dark it was to be part of your story and nothing you could have done would bring you to a different outcome ….

All you could do was control what you could the only way you knew how …

Only when looking back searching for courage or strength can we draw on a past experience to get us through whatever current or future crisis is upon us ….

And that is how I’ve rolled with the emotions drama pain isolation and sadness plus an elated sense of gratitude and happiness that these past 12 months have brought about …

my goodness the emotional rollercoaster that I’ve talked about befote has us stuck on a ride that quite frankly is scaring the shit out of every single one of us…. then as the ride comes to sit in its Dock and we think the bar will rise letting us get off, the bloody thing speeds up and we we are off again …hanging on tight and swearing our heads off ….

Did the familiar twists and turns feel OK 2nd and 3rd time round ??

Nope because the body was tired of bracing itself for the steep climb ,the big drop or the corkscrew loops and then there was that awful friend to many of us that goes by the name of Anxiety sat next to us twittering in our ear about how awful the whole sad situation we find ourselves in …if others were stressing along with our friend anxiety we were stressing .it is a contagious wave of emotions rippling down the line ….

Anxiety brought about a sense of fear that we didn’t understand …we had never been stuck like this before …we could see the world as we knew it but it wasn’t accessible… we began to worry for the other passengers on the ride that were green at the gills and begging to get off all caused because anxiety anger and fear took hold … the ride was picking up speed and unwanted guests ….what a mess many of were getting ourselves into …..

we all had rising concerns as to whether this time the ride would finally stop freeing us from the trauma …. as ive said before a contagious wave of emotions have run wild through the population of the world as news reporters, papers, our phones ,fb ,Instagram introduced anxiety as our new best friend ….and yes we have a choice to watch listen look…we know what we need to do to keep ourselves and others safe …we all whinge and moan about the boundaries the rules and the laws put in place to save lives but they are there to save our own life….the leaders of the world are not being pedantic, unkind or selfish and amongst the chaos they are trying to control what they can.

This ride you would never see in a theme park and if it was named covid or 2020 I don’t believe anyone would get on it through choice ..

But when you are surrounded with chaos control what you can….do your bit ,support who you can …

choose selflessness above selfishness

Choose kindness above selfishness

The Small acts of kindness speak a million words and your actions ripple out like the plop and ripple effect ive spoken about before …guess I’ve realised over time that lufes lessons from my past are shoeing me tge way forward …

In times of chaos control what you can… but with a bucket load of selflessness compassion and kindness ..

these 3 things are free they lift your vibrations internally and like the shockwaves of an earthquake or the worldwide trauma created by covid they will effect many but in a positive way ..

one thing you can control is your smile…there is nothing nicer than a smile ….

remember your first day at school and the teacher welcoming you with a smile…your interview at work went better than you thought as you were greeted by a smile…the checkout staff that met you with a cheerful smile….

Your nearest and dearest smiling at you on zoom…..yep that’s the new norm right now all smiling at eachother …its quite a feeling…

In the tone of a voice you can hear a smile or behind our masks you can see a smile ….like the sun behind the clouds we know its there ….and like the freedom from covid we know it will come but for now amongst the chaos control what you can ….

And for those recovering from covid in hospital beds all over the world they have seen the tired eyes of the nurses but they also see the kindness compassion and a comforting hug in the form of a smile …

So in times of chaos if you fought for that last toilet roll on the supermarket shelf almost a year ago i bet you would not have split it with a stranger or smiled at the supermarket staff on route out of that shop…

but now nearly 12 months how do you choose to control what you can amongst the enduring chaos covid has created ??

Every single person has a story to tell but this is just a chapter in a book …maybe for some sadly the final chapter but for many a new chapter or even a whole new book is just around the corner …..

Love and light

Kirsten xxxx

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